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How much money has Michelle Obama spent of tax payer dollars taking vacations si

  1. Brett Winn profile image87
    Brett Winnposted 6 years ago

    How much money has Michelle Obama spent of tax payer dollars taking vacations since being 1st lady?

  2. pstraubie48 profile image86
    pstraubie48posted 6 years ago

    It has been reported that 10 million in the past year was spent. However, how much did the other first ladies spend???
    I am neither pro nor con on Michelle Obama but how different is what she does than what others have done??? And, no, it does not make it right if she is overspending our dollars...who knows what we would do in the same situation...I would hope I would be as frugal as I must be now but cannot guarantee that.

  3. Sherry Hewins profile image95
    Sherry Hewinsposted 6 years ago

    I recall complaints about Jackie Kennedy, and Nancy Regan spending too much money also. Nancy Regan even commented that she hadn't been aware that the president and his family would have to pay for any of their personal expenses. The president and his family are pretty much always people who are used to having money and spending money. I doubt that is about to change no matter who the first lady is.

  4. nightwork4 profile image60
    nightwork4posted 6 years ago

    does it really matter? i'll bet anything she is no worse then the white first ladies. the reason i'm saying this is because the fact that having a black first family seems to really bother some folks in the U.S.

  5. SOKCGOLD profile image60
    SOKCGOLDposted 6 years ago

    I wonder why you ask this question. Is there something that leads you to believe that the Mrs. Obama is the biggest culprit in Washington when it comes to spending - or even wasting - taxpayer money? If you think that somehow she should be an "example" it would seem that any and all elected officials should be setting the same example, from the President down to the local dogcatcher. To be completely honest, NONE of them are good examples of stewarding public funds, so why single out any one of them?