How do you feel when someone refers to our President as being Divine?

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  1. bethperry profile image87
    bethperryposted 10 years ago

    How do you feel when someone refers to our President as being Divine?

    At the recent Soul Train awards entertainer Jamie Foxx called our President: "our Lord and Savior Barack Obama". This isn't the first time someone has spoken of Obama in terms of Divinity, and I am wondering how others react at hearing such a claim? From the following list please select one that best fits your own reaction at hearing the President referred to in terms of Divinity (elaborate if you wish):1. Agrees Obama is Divine, 2. Merely surprised anyone could think this, 3. Offended, 4. Indifferent, 5. The claim made you laugh a perfectly good soda thru your nose.

  2. cam8510 profile image94
    cam8510posted 10 years ago

    #5  I would think they had their head somewhere other than in the clouds.   And I would say that if the reference was to any sitting president of any party.  Emperor worship died out with post WWII Japan.

  3. Barbara Kay profile image76
    Barbara Kayposted 10 years ago

    I'd say number 3 and 5 and add disgusting to the list. What are they, crazy?

  4. dashingscorpio profile image85
    dashingscorpioposted 10 years ago

    Jamie Foxx is comedian. I would not put much stock in anything an entertainer says. My vote is #4 (Indifferent).

  5. maab30 profile image61
    maab30posted 10 years ago

    As someone who opposes the joining Church and state, I would say there remarks are horrid at best. Who wants a religious leader?

  6. profile image0
    Larry Wallposted 10 years ago

    It is an inappropriate reference, that carries no value or validity. If someone things Barrack Obama has done great things and has helped the Black community, then they are entitled to say those things to anyone who listens.

    While they have the constitutional right to claim that President Obama is divine, they are, I believe in the opinion of most, absolutely incorrect and are showing a tremendous amount of disrespect to many people, including the President. I doubt that President Obama believes he is divine. If he were, the problems we are facing would be easily resolved with divine intervention. However, the real God, our Lord and Savior, allow us to resolve our own problems.

    To answer the question more specifically, I think the comment is incorrect, rude and out of place. This has nothing to do with my opinion about President Obama's accomplishments or failures. It is about recognizing that no mortal should be awarded the same reverence as the Lord our God.

    I will give the statement a 3 on your scale. However, actually, my opinion goes beyond being offended to being insulted that a person, because of his celebrity status, can make such lubricious statements and have those statements repeated over and over, just as we are doing here. It would be best to ignore him, but then that does not convey the outrage that should follow such a comment.

    1. bethperry profile image87
      bethperryposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Larry Wall, while I'm not a Christian myself I did feel it was more than a little insensitive to the Christian religion. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  7. profile image0
    oceansiderposted 10 years ago

    I can't choose any of the #'s you have listed because none of them apply.
    Anyone calling Obama divine is completely insane, nauseating and sick...because only Jesus Christ is Almighty God and Savior.

    1. profile image0
      Tina Trueloveposted 10 years agoin reply to this


  8. xstatic profile image60
    xstaticposted 10 years ago

    Non of the above. It is just a ridiculous statement, maybe said ironically by Jamie Foxx, considering that he is a comedian. I would tend to disregard it, as I see very little in the world that I would I call divine.

  9. christopheranton profile image72
    christopherantonposted 10 years ago

    I wouldn't worry too much about it, until he starts to believe he is divine himself. Then I would start running for the hills. I don't know who made the original statement, but they were probably being satirical.

  10. profile image53
    graceinusposted 10 years ago

    You have to be kidding.

  11. safiq ali patel profile image71
    safiq ali patelposted 10 years ago

    The claim made me laugh a perfectlly good soda through my nose. But I suppose if you go round the world many world leaders are said to be divine usually by their followers. In the United Kingdom of Great Britain Queen Elizabeth is said to be divine by her supporters. If you go to China some of it's leaders are said to be divine. The leaders of North Korea are refferred to as divine by some and so too have several leaders of the Russain Federation been called divine. I suppose being identified as divine has happened to many leaders all over the world throughout history.
    I personally feel in some way we are all divine and flow from mighty god. I don't really see Obama as divine but I used to think Oprah Winfrey was god sent. And I still think that Cristiano Ronaldo the real madrid footballer is also divine.
    This is a great question. And finally. From time to time and I think I am divine and even a living saint.! I suppose eventually it is might god himself who decides who is divine and who is merely mortal.
    The question has me rolling on the floor with laughter and yet it is still a thought provoking question.

    1. safiq ali patel profile image71
      safiq ali patelposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Oh by the way Iove the photo of Obama that goes with this question. It is very funny.

    2. i scribble profile image74
      i scribbleposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I have never heard anyone refer to him as devine.  To do so is only slightly less ridiculous than referring to him as a fascist, a Nazi, or Hitler reincarnated, all of which I have heard.

    3. christopheranton profile image72
      christopherantonposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Nobody refers to Her Majesty as divine and she is a devout Christian who would never consider such a notion. A statement that either her or her supporters consider her divine is offensive and very untrue.

  12. hockey8mn profile image69
    hockey8mnposted 10 years ago

    I would say a combination of 2 and 5.  I would say that as a citizen you don't have to like or agree with everything the President does, but he still holds the highest office in the land and should be given some respect.  However, when that respect is transformed into making him into a deity or a divine being, the line has been crossed.

  13. profile image0
    JThomp42posted 10 years ago

    It is very inappropriate and offending. He is just a man, as we all are just human beings. He just so happens to be the leader of the most powerful nation in the world. This does not make him divine, or anything but another human being. My vote would have to be #2.

  14. lburmaster profile image75
    lburmasterposted 10 years ago

    First, I laugh my butt off. Then I realize that person is serious and have a "oh honey" moment where you feel extremely sorry for that person.

  15. jada67 profile image38
    jada67posted 10 years ago

    I feel nothing because  no one is really divine  but God.People are people and will say anything to make another emirate on a bunch of foolish. To me Obama believes in his faith like most do, and we are not divine this takes away from his character. Obama is  not a boring president he is full of energy and hope. Stop making him look like a fool, i am sure he will tell the world that he is not divine.

  16. junkseller profile image81
    junksellerposted 10 years ago

    Looking at conservatives over the past few decades you see a movement steeped in divine rhetoric/beliefs, from Reagan's shining city upon a hill to Bush's belief that he was divinely appointed and then went about dutifully stamping out perceived evil. Heck, plenty of conservatives have already deified Obama (just in the opposite direction of Christ).

    Foxx is a comedian, so it was probably just said tongue in cheek. Or it was meant to be funny. Not the comment itself, but watching people get all bent out of shape about it. Drawing out hypocrisy is funny to those who aren't caught up in it.

  17. Becky Katz profile image82
    Becky Katzposted 10 years ago

    I have a problem choosing between #3 and #5. This man is in no way divine and I am extremely offended by this reference. If anything, I look at him as Satanic.

  18. tamarawilhite profile image86
    tamarawilhiteposted 10 years ago

    It worries me. I believe it was Frank Herbert who warned that when the ruler and the religious leadership combine, disobeying the king is not only a crime but a sin - and freedom dies.
    By deifying President Obama, they give up their individual freedoms to a false Messiah. And questioning Obama becomes a perceived sin, instead of a natural human right to question authority. That this worship of a flawed man comes from the left who say we should challenge all authority is doubly disconcerting.
    The Mullahs of Iran have a theocracy. Challenging their corruption, questioning acts like hanging gays and demanding the right of women to not be veiled is punished as a crime against Allah AND the government. Here, the separation of government and religion expands our freedom of each.
    The kings of Europe sought further justification in a "divine right of kings" for the right to do as they pleased. In this case, people are seeking to raise Obama to the divine. They may feel better for doing so, but now must seek to excuse his failures doubly so and deny the rest of us freedom of belief and freedom of speech while shutting down open debate.


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