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Why are people never happy with the government?

  1. davidlivermore profile image97
    davidlivermoreposted 5 years ago

    Why are people never happy with the government?

    Every time I read an article about something a government agency is doing, I always see negative comments about that government.  It doesn't matter what country or place we are talking about, there are always negative comments.

    The government is made of people, just like the rest of us.  They are trying the best they can with what they have, like all of us.  So what's the problem?  Does everyone else really think they can do better?

  2. d.william profile image66
    d.williamposted 5 years ago

    The main reason is that once these oafs are elected to office, they think they are separate and above the people who elect them into those offices.  They totally disregard what the people actually want and kow tow to the rich and to corporate america.  They have more interest in furthering their own agendas, filling their own bank accounts, taking more than they deserve in salaries and retirement benefits than they do about what is best for the majority.
    On top of that they spend more time trying to outdo their opposing party than they do in attempting to do anything constructive for the country.  I could go on, but i think you get the picture.
    You ask, ...."does everyone else really think they can do better?"
    Yes, most people think they can.  But somehow when these 'good intentioned'   people get into office they are overwhelmed with a system they know they cannot change, so they themselves change to take advantage of the free ride the politicians have voted in for themselves.   It is like a revolving door.  The good intentioned enter into the doors of the white house and exit just as corrupt as those they encounter there.
    People gripe about what is going on, but even the power of the people combined cannot change the system when they actually have no say in anything that goes on there.

  3. profile image80
    wba108@yahoo.composted 5 years ago

    I think because poeple have come to expect the government to take care of them and fix the problems in society. It was never intended to be this way in America, The Constitution and Declaration of Independance was intended for a nation that was essentially self-governing. The government was to be a necessary evil and servant to the poeple and not the benevolant master its become.

    If American's had problems, they would look to themselves, thier local communities and ultimately thier God.Now we've made a god out of our government because we expect it to right societies wrongs, improve our lives and take care of so many things. No wonder poeple are upset with the government.

  4. pagesvoice profile image84
    pagesvoiceposted 5 years ago

    My answer to your question only concerns the United States because that is the country in life in.

    In my opinion, people dislike government because governing a people requires officials to make choices, enact laws, set policies and quite frankly, to take a stand on a myriad of social and economic issues.

    Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, abortion, health care, violence against women, gun owner rights, voter rights, regulations of businesses, corporations, industries and financial institutions are all subjects that have one group pro and one group con. The major problem in the climate of politics today is that no politician wants to upset their lobbyists or their base and the end result is stalemate and zero compromise. To me, that is the main catalyst for driving discourse with the government.

    There was a time in the not too distant past when compromise moved our country forward. Sadly that is not the case today. The one group that has buried their staff into the sea of division is the Tea Party. This group is made up largely of white, retired men and women who are living off of their pensions, investments and Social Security and yet they decry the evils of government. To me their argument has no credibility and instead it reeks of "I got mine and too bad for the rest of you."

    1. pagesvoice profile image84
      pagesvoiceposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Oops...sorry...I meant to write "because that is the country "I" "live" in.