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What are you expecting to happen on Monday when Kim Davis returns to work?

  1. Josh Ratzburg profile image84
    Josh Ratzburgposted 2 years ago

    What are you expecting to happen on Monday when Kim Davis returns to work?

    Do you think she will continue to prevent the issuing of marriage licenses? Apparently she has an armed guard that says they will "prevent her from being arrested again." ... Thoughts?

  2. lions44 profile image97
    lions44posted 2 years ago

    Chaos. Mike Huckabee sighting. State Police.  Religious protesters. Her staff angry at her.  Lots of TV crews.  The list goes on and on.

  3. Terrex profile image80
    Terrexposted 2 years ago

    Apocalypse. A crane will fall on the office.

  4. Danny Cabaniss profile image76
    Danny Cabanissposted 2 years ago

    I think the main thing she wants is not to have her name on the license.  I think that is doable.

    1. Austinstar profile image87
      Austinstarposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      She can have her name taken off of the license by resigning.

    2. profile image59
      Leon1345posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      You're are entitled to your opinion Austin.  However, you are starting to sound like a broken record.  You're like the Duracell rabbit that goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.

  5. LoisRyan13903 profile image82
    LoisRyan13903posted 2 years ago

    From what I heard from the news-but I didn't really follow this so don't quote me on this-is that she has been ordered not to interfere with those who do issue the license.

  6. fpherj48 profile image77
    fpherj48posted 2 years ago

    Josh.....In my many years on this earth, I have learned to "expect" ANYTHING and everything.  I would not even venture a guess at this point. A few snippets of news I've heard have reported Kim does NOT intend to issue marriage licenses to gay couples....PERIOD.  Will she try to prevent the deputy clerks from issuing them?  We must wait and see.

    The Judge has been quoted as saying he will have her carted off to jail once again if she interferes in the issuing by others.   Now I see where she will have a personal body guard to prevent her from being arrested??   

    Really people......Has this not become a completely ridiculous circus?

    Whatever does occur, I hope an end will come of this somehow!  Enough is enough.

  7. IslandBites profile image87
    IslandBitesposted 2 years ago

    "The lawyer for a county official in Kentucky said Friday that Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis may have violated a federal judge's order against interfering with the issuance of marriage licenses...
    "Those changes were made in some attempt to circumvent the court's orders and may have raised to the level of interference against the court's orders," wrote Richard Hughes, who represents Brian Mason, a deputy county clerk who has issued marriage licenses under the judge's order.

    The changes Davis made, Hughes said, include deleting her name, all mention of Rowan County, and references to deputy clerks. Only Mason's name is on the form, not his title, with a place for him to initial rather than to use his signature."