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Why is there so much racial tension today?

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    LoliHeyposted 22 months ago

    Why is there so much racial tension today?

    I admit there has always been racism in this country, but nowadays it seems like it's Black people vs White people.  We hear about "white privilege" and others referring to this country as "AmeriKKKa" (which is pretty offensive by the way).  How about the "America was never great" hat, or Black Lives Matter?  Or Blake Lively quoting Sir Mix-A-Lot and causing a hate frenzy?  Why is this all surfacing?  Think back 10 years--none of this nonsense existed.

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    Becky Katzposted 22 months ago

    I am probably going to catch all kinds of heck over this from the liberals or people accusing me of being racist. I commented years ago to my husband, that our President was dividing our country worse than it had been for years. He has divided liberal from the conservative. He has divided black from white. He has divided rich from poor. He should have been uniting us as a country and has done his best to point out to us that we had nothing in common with each other. Our country is a divided country and it will take another major catastrophe (such as 9/11) to unite us again. What everyone needs to see, is that we have a unity in being American, and right now, NO one is proud to be American. He has set black relations between our people back about 60 years. He has also set back the desire to elect another black person as President. People do not want to go through the civil rights movement again.

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      LoliHeyposted 22 months agoin reply to this

      How did Obama do it?  Examples?  I'm curious.  BTW, I believe you.

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      Becky Katzposted 22 months agoin reply to this

      He told everyone that they are abused because the rich need to give them some of their money. That made the poor resent the rich, regardless of whether the poor work for their money or not. The rich work and budget for it and the poor rarely do.

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    aguasilverposted 22 months ago

    It's just the logical progression of Marxist thinking that has been slowly infiltrated into your countries political system, in order to weaken the 'ruling elite' - otherwise known as white anglo saxon protestants, the middle ground silent majority who simply want to get on with their lives, help others where they can, and be normal.

    Those attributes offend and exasperate the liberal left who want a massive social experiment to take place.

    The analogy could be that one side want to build a house with cards neatly arranged and ever growing higher,. whereas the other just want to throw the deck in the air and see where they land.

    The building a house of cards method may collapse occasionally, but is rebuilt, the throwing in the air method can never produce anything of merit, no matter how many times you toss the cards.

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    tamarawilhiteposted 22 months ago

    It is ironic when Black Lives Matter sounds like Stormfront, and I'm quoting Sargon of Akkad's youtube channel on this.
    Example. They want segregation of whites from blacks for the comfort of blacks, as well as demand that whites defer to those who are darker, openly state they are against white candidates running for any position.
    Why does this exist?
    1. The growing infiltration of public schools saying everything bad for various communities is whites' fault (but the 75% illegitimacy in the black community is not whites' fault, and the 2-3 times higher odds of negative life outcomes are true for ALL children of single parents; it is worse for blacks because they have three times as many children born to single mothers).
    2. The growth of social justice warrior classes that teach people to be activists while teaching them to assign people to a caste based on demographics. Literally poor white kids, **# you, the black kid of two Ivy League graduates gets the scholarships and privileges because we presume your ancestors oppressed their ancestors. And in the name of fairness, we'll discriminate against the great grandchildren of people who might have oppressed people in the 1950s to favor children of African immigrants who came in the 1990s and Indian immigrants that came after 2000.
    3. Calling someone -ist or -phobic is considered horrible, and the name calling therefore shuts up rational discussion. It is a trump card used to shut people up. So it is getting used and abused.
    4. Social justice is the code word for socialism, and most of its supporters want to be bureaucrats in such a regime. And you get power in a democracy only if you can silence or guilt-trip into second class status the demographic majority of the country. Hence the constant demonization of whites and men and heterosexuals in general, but if you're conservative, you're worse than the lowest caste - you're an untouchable, a renegade, suitable only to die on the margins for not agreeing.
    5. Making identity politics mandatory is a great way to maintain ideological control. If you're a member of the tribe, you have to believe what they believe. (Ancient Greeks and Romans punished people who didn't believe in Greek or Roman Gods, because that religion was assigned to that tribe. Ditto Hebrews being Jewish.) See Clarence Thomas eviscerated for being conservative, hence not a real black, or classic feminists ripped apart for saying men who still have penises shouldn't get women's awards.

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    bradmasterOCcalposted 22 months ago

    The racial tension is created artificially as the left gains more and more control of the direction of the country. The SCOTUS has contributed to the racism problem by supporting the left and their PC.

    They have embolden the left to tear the cover off the ball, as they feel they have politics, the courts, and the heart of the liberals, and the new century mentality.

    In reality, it is because the blacks who have been here for 400 years, and have been free for almost a 150 years, and further freed since the 1960s have failed to prosper. They excel in sports and music, but they are at the bottom of academia, and white collar jobs.

    While, Asian immigrants can come to the US and prosper because they are excellent students and business people.

    The Blacks want to be given, while the Asians for example want to work and succeed.

    My opinion will probably be called racist, but there are facts that can be found to support it. Look at the welfare rolls, look at the prison and jail population.

    The students that do well in the US despite the poor performance of the US education system had to do with on their own. They had to want to succeed and they did do it.

    In the 1800s the Chinese were forced to work hard labor on the railroads. And during WWII the Japanese Americans were held prisoners. Yet, you don't hear them complaining, because they are too busy succeeding in America.

    Even the Vietnamese who lost their country had succeeded in the US.
    So my answer to the ? is not that it is Racial Tension, as much as it is Black Tension from never progressing other than sports, and music.

    Delete this for whatever reason, it won't change my opinion, or reality.