Why does everyone expect an apology for something said?

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  1. gregas profile image82
    gregasposted 2 years ago

    Why does everyone expect an apology for something said?

    When somewhat outrageous things are said, why do people expect an apology? once something is said it is out there and an apology isn't going to change the way that person felt at the time. Especially the media will harp on those words even if there is an apology. If the person apologizes on there own that may be a different story. Why try to force someone to apologize. It just publicizes it even more the more they talk about it.

  2. peoplepower73 profile image94
    peoplepower73posted 2 years ago

    Because it is the civil thing to do and if they don't apologize it says a lot about their lack of character.  The more Trump continues on with his lies and acting like a bully, the less civil we all become. It's not a matter of being outrageous.  It is a matter of miss-representation of Obama and his family for five years of pain.  He owes them an apology.

  3. fpherj48 profile image77
    fpherj48posted 2 years ago

    This is precisely why mature, intelligent, stable adults should train themselves to say what they mean and mean what they say.  People should be more than just relatively sure they have accurate information and provable facts before passing on something of dire importance, especially that which could be in any way damaging or harmful to others.
    Mistakes or misinformation, which results in unintentional chaos are reasonably forgivable. 
    Greg, I agree with you that apologies are useless and senseless if literally forced from someone, just for appearance sake, when a person is indeed not at all regretful for having said or done something.  This is what can be said to be empty meaningless apologies.  Who needs one?  Not I.
    In the case of the back & forth vitriol between opposing political individuals, who insult, degrade and attempt to humiliate one another, it's the media of course that explodes and adds all the "drama" like it's a horrible unforgivable thing.  You & I both know that's nonsense.  In cases like that no one is truly sorry.  How foolish to even pretend to apologize.
    You're right about the fact that often, every day occurrences that would normally just pass quickly, all the publicity & chatter makes it much bigger & worse than it actually is.  I usually think to myself, "Oh for heaven's sake, stop talking about such insignificant bull, drop it and carry on with the many vital issues in need of serious attention."

  4. MizBejabbers profile image92
    MizBejabbersposted 2 years ago

    This is one time that I agree with you. Apologies are useless unless they come from the heart, which forced ones do not. A person should not have to apologize for every non-PC thing he or she says. This is taking away that person's right to free speech. Our Constitution does not say that we have the right to freedom of the press or speech "unless it might upset someone's delicate little psyche". If that were so, we would have no press or media of any kind. People would be so disgustingly polite that life would be boring. Not human nature, you say? Right. So our politicians should not  apologize for statements or actions taken during election campaigns, and the results should come out at the polls.

    BUT there has always been an unwritten rule that the children and (non-political) spouses and other family members are off limits to insults from the opposing candidate. That rule has been violated by one of the political candidates, and he really does need to apologize. But he won't. He seems to be admired for his rudeness.

    1. fpherj48 profile image77
      fpherj48posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      MzB...I hope UR 1st sentence wasn't 4 me! LOL...Here's a laugh~ A friend of mine was angry at her hubby 4 something he said, she demanded an apology so he said,  "OK! I'm sorry I didn't say that years ago!! LOL!  (She didn't laugh)  LOL I roared

    2. MizBejabbers profile image92
      MizBejabbersposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Actually, Paula, it was. Seriously, I was agreeing with your 3rd paragraph describing meaningless apologies. Your little story is hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.

    3. fpherj48 profile image77
      fpherj48posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      I zeroed in on "one time that I agree with you.".....When have we disagreed & about what?  Sorry, MzB, I just don't recall U & I butting heads,  Seriously.  Remind me pls.

  5. Tiger Eyes27 profile image56
    Tiger Eyes27posted 2 years ago

    That is a great question. I myself have been on the end of saying things that others may find offensive. I speak my mind and my friends know that my words don't always come out correctly and get taken the wrong way. Yet I'm forced to apologize rather than try to discuss things like adults. We have the freedom of speech and if you don't like what someone says let it go in one ear and out the other. They have the right to their opinion.

    People expecting an apology for what is said is like making everyone think what they say is no good. Like they should apologize for everything they say and do. People say things, it happens, take it in stride. If I got hung up on every mean or offensive thing said to me, toward me , at me or near me I would have to apologize for just being alive. We shouldn't take things so seriously or to heart.

  6. Dana Tate profile image88
    Dana Tateposted 2 years ago

    I find myself constantly apologizing over things people thought I meant when they didn't let me finish what I had to say.  It's very frustrating when people cut you off in a conversation when they feel they know which direction its going and have no clue. I find myself constantly saying -"wait, let me finish. That's not what I was trying to say at all!"


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