Why haven't Trump been impeached?

  1. jada67 profile image37
    jada67posted 13 months ago

    Why haven't Trump been impeached?

    The President of the United States is and embarrassment to American, he lies, promote and  violence and is self medicate by "himself.


  2. bradmasterOCcal profile image30
    bradmasterOCcalposted 10 months ago


    He hasn't been impeached for the same reason that you don't have any facts, just wild delusions. Obama went around the world apologizing for the United States, and that was embarrassing.

    Obama and Hillary messed up attacking Libya and a US Ambassador was murdered along with his staff. Neither Obama nor Hillary took any responsibility for it.

    Obama also allowed ISIS to gain physical grounds in Iraq and Syria called ISIL.

    Obama claimed the Russians hacked and influence the 2016 presidential election. And 18 months later there isn't any proof. This made the US and Russia relationship become tense.

    Obama also didn't do anything to solve the Syrian Russian conflict with the rebels.

    Obama and Hillary didn't deal with N Korea and by the time Trump took over as president they were well on their way to completing nuclear long range missiles that could reach the US. Trump wasn't responsible for that although he has to deal with it because it came with the job.

    Obama and the left also created and fueled civil unrest in the US, that was happening before Trump got elected, but it continued after the election while Obama was still president.

    Obama caved into Iran demands paying hundreds of millions for the Iran extortion.

    Obama and Hillary allowed the Russians to get 20% of all US Uranium production. And Obama and Hillary say that Russia is an enemy.

    The US economy and employment just skimmed along the bottom during the 8 years under Obama. Today, the economy and employment are doing really good under president Trump.

    When Trump became president, Obama went around the country and the world still thinking he was the president. Hie tried to sidetrack all the good things that president Trump was doing for the country.

    He had Osama Bin Laden executed to keep him from talking about 911 and the terrorist agenda. That was not a good thing as OBL had a lot of valuable information.

    These are just a few of the things that made Obama a bad president and an even worse ex president.

    Compare what Obama did in his 8 years, to what Trump has already done in less than a year.
    Are you even an American Citizen to make these statements.
    Also Impeachment didn't remove Bill Clinton from the presidency, so why would you think it would happen to Trump.


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