Dr. James UK is willing to lose his job, over mantatory vaccines

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  1. Castlepaloma profile image74
    Castlepalomaposted 10 months ago


    I've already lost my sculpture industry and much of any possible of getting a job by being unvaccinated or dating someone and that makes life nearly impossible.

    Are we putting all our eggs in one basket. Are we on the brink of loosing all individuals Human rights?

    1. Sharlee01 profile image83
      Sharlee01posted 10 months agoin reply to this

      All that is COVID has been politicized. Instead of respecting other rights, the media has chosen to villainize those that won't get vacinated. Much of the general public is hooked at the hip to media, and blindly has let themselves be dumbed down. Instead of coming up with problem-solving solutions. As a nurse that had the need through my career had the need to protect myself on the job from spreadable illnesses, at the same time being an advocate for patient's that objected to prescribed medical treatment that meant taking or doing something against their wishes ---  I know a bit about this situation.

      In a hospital setting, we solved the problem of an infectious Pt with simple solutions. As we could with the population that doesn't choose to be vaccinated with the COVID vaccines. Instead of severe mandates, we could request that they respect those that have taken the vaccine, just distance carefully, and wear masks until we can rid ourselves of COVID.

      This would work to respect all...  We that have been vaccinated have less chance of becoming as ill if we get the new Omicron, the unvaccinated are more likely to become somewhat more ill, so the mask and distancing would provide them with protection while preventing them from further spreading the virus to the vaccinated.  IT's clear the vaccines worked only to prevent serious disease.  However, they do work to build a herd while preventing less death.

      1. Castlepaloma profile image74
        Castlepalomaposted 10 months agoin reply to this

        I hear more and more nurses are speaking out. Because they deal with covid more first hand than anyone. If they have to be mandated, then for the first time ever. We have all lost the individual rights to choose to refuse any drugs or vaccine for the first time in history. Then our owners own our bodies, then they will own your soulsl next.

        With the omicron vaccinated people have same chance of catching Covid as the nonvaccinated now. Dr. Malone said vaccines can mutate with omicron into something worst. The CEO of Pfizer said the booster has very little to zero  effect on omicron.
        Now the virus spreads more rapidly and at higher level rate than ever before..

        It's SCIENCE I tell you, mad mad science

        1. Nathanville profile image92
          Nathanvilleposted 10 months agoin reply to this

          Castlepaloma, put it into perspective: - Where you say “more and more nurses are speaking out” (against the vaccine) is perhaps inflating the facts. 

          FYI, in the UK only 7% of NHS (National Health Service) staff is unvaccinated.

          Besides, did you actually listen to the whole of the video that you posted above, or just rely on the title and opening scene?  I only ask because Dr James says in the video, the following:-

          •    “Undoubtedly the vaccines have made a significant difference.” At 3:40 into video.
          •    “70% of people in hospital from covid are unvaccinated.”
          •    “I’d probably offer it all too all adults if I was in charge.” At 4:30 into video.
          •    “We’ve achieved a pretty high level of vaccination in this country and that’s been of great benefit” At 5:05 into video.
          He goes onto say that he sees no real risk from the vaccine, but has decided that as he is young and healthy, and the fact he has had covid he feels that there is no need for him to take the vaccine, as a personal choice!

          As Sharlee says, with the vaccine, even with the Omicron variant, you are far less likely to become serious ill with covid. 

          And FYI the booster jab is proving quite effective against the Omicron variant in the UK.

          Also FYI, in the UK the pandemic appears to have peaked, and seems to be on the decline; so February looks bright.  In the past 7 days new infections have fallen 29.5% and hospitalisations has fallen by 1.4%.

          1. Castlepaloma profile image74
            Castlepalomaposted 10 months agoin reply to this

            Yes,I listen to the whole thing.
            He said the vaccine are only good for 4 to 6 weeks.
            Is the public going to do that?
            Dr.Malone many established doctor says  if harms the immune system like too many anti- biotic. Our own bodies has a wide range of diverse superior immune system.

            information is all over the map and the owners of you wants it that way, massively confused.


            CDC also give opinion


            Denmark hospitized Covid cases are 90% vaccinated

            Make sense when.the average European county is 80% vaccination. Wail all these countries are experiencing the highest record number of Covid cases since the pandemic started.

            Africa continent compared to Europe is 1/7 as vaccinated and 1/6 the Covid deaths and near double it's population

            1. Nathanville profile image92
              Nathanvilleposted 10 months agoin reply to this

              Yep, and if you watched the video you will know that he’s only an anaesthetist, not a medical expert in the field of vaccines; although most of what he said in the video is contrary to what you say e.g. he clearly states that 70% of those in hospital recovering from covid are the unvaccinated. 

              Albeit his reference to the idea that you need to be vaccine every two to four weeks to maintain a high level of immunity is not supported by the science and the evidence and most people, even many anti-vaxxers, know that the vaccines don’t wane for six to eight months.  If you listen to the whole video his thoughts are inconsistent, and at times his logic is muddled. 

              Well for Your Information, the UK is one of the most vaccinated countries in Europe, with the least amount of covid restrictions; and the early signs are that the pandemic has peaked in the UK, so there is growing anticipation that all covid restrictions will be lifted by the end of the month; thanks to the high level of vaccination in the UK.

              1. Castlepaloma profile image74
                Castlepalomaposted 10 months agoin reply to this

                https://www.google.com/search?q=uk+jan1 … p;ie=UTF-8

                look at this chart for UK Covid cases in 2022 January worst month since the pandemic started. To what was supposed be the worst 2021 January a year ago. Then tell how Covid cases have improved in number of Covid cases. It's like 2 to 3 time more Covid case daily.

                1. Castlepaloma profile image74
                  Castlepalomaposted 10 months agoin reply to this

                  This is like putting together a bunch of alcoholic drunks together and think that will cure alcoholics.

                  1. Castlepaloma profile image74
                    Castlepalomaposted 10 months agoin reply to this

                    https://www.pandemicdebate.com/post/cov … it-failure

                    Israel thinks it's time to admit failure. How about UK?

                2. Nathanville profile image92
                  Nathanvilleposted 10 months agoin reply to this

                  Precisely Castlepaloma, because of the Omicron variant covid infections in the UK are over three times higher now than they were last January.

                  But what you fail to acknowledge is that in spite of the high infection rate, covid related hospitalisation are less than half of what they were last January, and covid related deaths in the UK are a 10th of they were last January - testimony to the fact that the vaccines are doing their job of reducing the risk of hospitalisations, and preventing deaths.

                  1. Castlepaloma profile image74
                    Castlepalomaposted 10 months agoin reply to this

                    wait wait much more to come.


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