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Are You Over Your Ex - 5 Steps To Get Over Your Ex Fast!

Updated on May 2, 2011

Getting Over An Ex.

Are you experiencing troubles getting over your ex? Whether you called it of or he did, not having this individual in your life any longer can be very hard. There's a emptiness in your life and in your heart that won't easily be filled. Despite this, you are able to get over a break up. Following are 5 steps to help you get over an ex.

>>>> Step Number 1...You need to release the pain...Don't be scared to weep for as long as you need when getting over your ex. Another means to help dull the heartache pain is by writing in a diary. One thing that's worked for a lot of people is to compose a lengthy letter about your relationship to your ex. Consider the good times and awful. Write about the relationship and how your ex has hurt you so much. Don't hold anything back.

Once you have finished the letter, burn it! You heard me right! Don't even think about sending it to your ex. Rather, let your feelings and emotions be consumed by the fire. While it might not appear like it at the time, this can give you an excellent ending to the relationship.

>>>> Step Number 2...It's essential that you make a decision that the relationship is truly over. Hanging on to the thought that your ex  will change and they'll  recognize that they can't live without you can be harmful. And it will keep you in limbo...Which is a the place where you don't want to be. Do something that will represent the ending of the relationship.

One instance of this is to return [or get rid of] all of the personal effects that you have that belong to your ex. Get rid of the comfortable pj's they got you as a gift. Even the small things suchlike a jewelry box or an inscribed billfold have to go. Get rid of all things that will bring back memories.

>>>> Step Number 3...Get back into contact with your old friends. Let's face it, until you meet that special someone most people are going to come and go in your life, but your friends are there always! If your last relationship has used up all of your time, odds are that you might have [unintentionally] neglected your friends for a while. So now's the opportunity to look them up again. They can assist you in moving on from your ex and remind you of how much fun you used to have with your friends.

As well, it's much more likely that your friends have gone through similar break ups. Spending time with them again will help you understand that if they pulled through a bad break up, then you'll be able to too.

>>>> Step Number 4...You'll in all likelihood now have some spare time on your hands because of the break up. Use it. Discover a new hobby, continue on with old hobby, get back to the gym, and so on. Not only will this keep you busy, but you might fall in love with an old hobby that you abandoned when you started going out with your ex.

One important point about starting a new hobby or restoring an old one...Join a class or a group. You'll develop some new social relationships and perhaps even begin meeting new circle of friends.

>>>> Step Number 5... Sometimes the most beneficial thing you can do is to get on with your life. With the new friends that you'll make, the new hobbies that you begin, and the time used cultivating these new pastimes you'll come out as a new and happier person.


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      Stone 2 years ago

      If you wrote an article about life we'd all reach enmnihtenlegt.

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      Pokey 2 years ago

      Wow! Great thgiiknn! JK