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How Do You Stop Loving Someone?

Updated on May 2, 2011

Stop Loving Them...

You've been trying really hard to get on with your life but you simply can't help it, you still love them. People have assured you...You'll get over it...Learn from it. But it's not as simply as it appears because you feel stuck.

>>>> Can you switch off those feelings?

You can't turn love off and on that quickly. If you sincerely loved them you'll never stop loving. Once you really love somebody [I'm not speaking about the ego-ridden, self-serving dominant, fear driven sort of thing just about all of us think is love], you never ever truly get over it. That's how love is.

Once we fall head over heels into true love, we open ourselves to a part of ourselves that's far greater and a lot more powerful than simply our mind, will and emotions. But because our perceptive of this emotion called love is so misunderstood we attach love to a specific individual, somebody outside of us. We envision that person as a love objective rather than a expression of ourselves, a willpower to clench onto rather than a conduit for the manifestation of the love inside us.

If your struggling with getting over a breakup...Then you must watch this short video by: Relationship Coach... Michael Myerscough... Michael will reveal his secret ...

How To Overcome a Breakup. But more importantly...How to Get Over The Breakup and The Love That's Associated with it!

Now what do you do with those feelings of love?

1. Classify which feelings are true love and which feelings are ego fear forced.

2. Once you have recognized which are true love hold onto them. Don't be frightened of what's in your heart.

3. Now it's time to do some real inner housecleaning with all the trash that's holding you back, selfish controlling, awe driven ways of loving. This will mean some risk in the sense of losing hold of what you've been acquainted with all your life. But this step in necessary...No one else can do it for you. It's this releasing of yourself that brings you to a condition of happiness never before known.

Now your beginning to get a better perspective of love, you'll begin to attract into your life those people who reflect the balance and love you've accomplished internally. Depending on wherever you're at, you'll draw in:

>>>> People who are as well seeking their inner balance or:

>>>> People who have already been on that course and discovered what you're looking for, people who will assist and support you while you go through your own journey.

Now as you learn...How do you stop loving someone...It's still OK to love them...But now feel you were not right for each other anymore... But now you're not devastated because you understand the nature of love and are confident that you will experience those feelings with someone again.


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    • profile image

      dehall 5 years ago

      it never ends, im convenced the pain of love lasts forever.

    • princess g profile image

      princess g 6 years ago

      You don't stop. It just lessens with time