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Why Women Leave Their Men - Stopping Your Woman From Leaving You.

Updated on May 2, 2011

So why do women leave their men?

So why do women leave their men? Well, the causes are commonly a lot contrary to why men leave women.

For instance, although men hunger for respect women need to be appreciated. There's typically a strong misconception amongst men that women are typically like a classical automobile, that is, high maintenance but this is actually not always true.

Men recognized that making their women happy just requires a bit of appreciation from time to time then they would not be entering into damage control as the crunch comes and their woman leaves.

You have to realize, women generally are loyal to their men and it will take a lot of mistakes from men to drive them to the point of calling it quits and saying enough is enough.

How To Make Your lady Feel Appreciated and Special!

The human relationship between a man and a women undergoes a very thin line between being in love and...I'm walking out that door.

It's not commonly detest when a women leaves he man...It's more frustration that they simply can't seem to get across to them that a little appreciation now and again will go a long way to maintaining the relationship on a steady course.

For sure, a adulterous man or abusive man is a go-ahead for the women to leave and in this situation, the reasons are visible. But the fact is, a lot of women just get discontented by lack of recognition and the risks of this will typically result in her looking for it somewhere else. Men who are players will typically be waiting in the background somewhere waiting for an chance.

Women who are presently discontent with their man's deficiency of admiration will be attracted to these kind of men, who recognize how to play the game and give them what their missing. Before you realize it, an affair takes place.

If your woman has left you for a different man then ask yourself how come she wanted to go elsewhere to get the tending and admiration she so desired.

So who's fault is it? All right, one of the secrets to winning your partner back is to stay away from playing the who's blame game. This applies both the man and the woman. As a man, you need to acknowledge your mistakes instead of...Blowing up...And get a grip and understand how come the hiccup happened.

Sure, it's hard but a part of the magic of making up's "Magic" needs to be addressed before the healing process can start.


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