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Is There Such A Thing As A Second Chance For Love?

Updated on May 2, 2011

Getting A Second Chance At Love.

Yes there is! There's such a thing as getting a second chance for love and it happens a lot more often than most of us think. Why is that? For even if the 2 of you split up for any reason and a lot of the times they're silly reasons, if your love was genuine it doesn't just disappear. Yet, getting your lover back into your arms again has a lot to do with timing, and particularly communicating.

Once you are in this state of affairs of having just split up, you need to communicate, foremost with yourself. Before you'll be able to look at getting your love back again...You need to discover how come your relationship went this way. You must look past all the arguments, the unkind words and search the underlying problems or problems that caused the split up.

Frequently it's the collection of a lot of little incidents that have snowballed into a perceived big problem, and if asked, neither one of you knows where it all started. Without addressing these issues in an open and caring way, they are certain to build a wall between the 2 of you, and you start to move apart a little more each day...

Until you no longer feel joined and appear to be miles apart. It's then real easy for the flimsy framework of your relationship to fall apart over some insignificant issue that should never come between you at all. It had nothing to do with your love simply how you communicated with one another.

Once you have set apart the actual causes for your relationship failure, you need to get hold of your ex. Tell them that you'd love to get meet over a cup coffee [pick somewhere neutral] and that you'd like to calmly discuss with them the problems in your relationship, that you would like to get them out in the open and find a common answer to them jointly. You want to impart to them that you would like to fix things so that these little matters don't become big issues ever again.

One very crucial point is you must [calmly talk] about these issues means just that. If you can't behave as mature grownups and center on the problem and not who's to blame, and find some solution jointly, then how can you have a loving long relationship that will flourish and mature?

Once you'll be able to meet, you both need to share what you believe caused the falling out in your relationship. This is crucial to know so that you've a starting point to start working from.

If you're both ready at this point to rebuild your relationship together then you both must commit to making the required changes one by one to making the relationship work. It's crucial at some point to acknowledge to them your own share of the problems so that you'll be able to forgive one another and have resolution over the matter. Then it's just a matter of discovering a resolution that both of you are able to live with and offering what each of you is willing to do to fix your relationship.

Communicating is the base for any relationship and is specially crucial in building up a loving permanent intimate relationship. The major cause of relationship break ups is because there are problems in communicating. In order to rebuild your relationship you both must agree to talk about things and find resolutions jointly, and to be open and truthful about things.

By reconstructing your relationship by better communicating you will unquestionably have a 2nd chance for love, and you as well build into your relationship a resiliency that will assist it to last forever.


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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      i was just to give up ... but this article gave me hope

    • profile image

      cheniel 6 years ago

      h8 it