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Why Can't I Get Over This Guy - 5 Steps For Moving On.

Updated on May 2, 2011

Getting Over This Guy.

Are you struggling to [get over that guy]? Breaking up from a loving relationship is never painless if it was you who broke up or they broke up with you. It takes months to get over a relationship. You're very heavyhearted, always remembering him, and you feel as though will never be normal again. But you'll be able to get over the relationship if you follow the [5 steps for moving on].

>>>> 1...Begin by letting go of the suffering your going through. It's perfectly normal to weep while you're letting go...It might also help you if you to write down how you suffering progresses. Another means of helping you is to write a letter for your heart to your ex, reminiscing about the good times and the bad times, your relationship and how very much he made you suffer. Make a point you leave out nothing...So everything is brought out in one go. Never send the letter to him but ceremoniously burn it...This is an excellent way to finish the relationship.

>>>> 2...Admit to yourself that all is over. You will never get over him, and move on if you still hang on to the hope that one day maybe he'll change and come begging back to you.

>>>> 3...Try to discover something to do that really represents the finish of the relationship. One idea is to exchange all personal effects back. Garbage the things too little to exchange and so remove your home of his stuff...It's a way of removing him from your thoughts.

>>>> 4...Get some assistance from your girlfriends. Prior to you meeting your guy your girlfriends were always there. You might have stopped seeing your friends for a while, so today is the time to get back to them and their friendship. They'll be good for getting you out socially and they'll assist you to get over him.

Without doubt your girlfriends have probably been through a similar situation. By sharing their experiences you'll see that other people have gotten through and you'll soon realize that you will too.

The time that you used to spend with your ex should be spent intelligently. Join a gym and start a exercise program to get you back in the best form, volunteer or take up a new spare-time activity and at the same time you'll be making some new friends.

>>>> 5...In conclusion, it's essential that you move on if you are going to be rid of the memories and replace them with new ones. You'll come out of it all as a new person with the old and new acquaintances and your new hobbies. Going forward is distinctly the best way to [get over him] make a clean break and get on with your life..

How would you like to wash out the pain and get rid of the knot eating you up inside?

Can you imagine what it would be like to feel complete and happy again?

I hope these 5 steps have helped you...


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      Broken hearted 6 years ago

      Ive looked forever this might help

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      partner78search 6 years ago

      really helpful,thanks