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How to Get Over Someone You Love Deeply.

Updated on May 2, 2011

Getting Over The One You Love!

Trying to figure out how to get over somebody you love so profoundly can be among the hardest times in your life. Getting over that special loved one may be a crushing and excruciating undertaking particularly when in your heart you felt they were your one and only.

Being able to let go of that someone who you've shared so many wonderful and quality times with is similar losing a part of yourself. Chances are you can't listen to the radio, or the television or even sit down for a meal without hearing, seeing or smelling something that reminds you of them. You need to learn how to get over them and remove that searing pain.

Although you might feel as though you cannot go on living anymore without your partner sharing in your life, you must muster up the courage and understand the person your ex fell in love with way back when is still there deep down inside of you. Once you discover how to let them go each day will appear a bit easier and the pain will start to less and less.

It's essential that you avoid being home all the time in case the phone rings, phoning your ex, sending them emails or texts or looking at photos of you two together. The pain is entirely devastating and it's essential to avoid placing yourself in position where you are always reminded of your ex.

While you might be thinking about your ex 24 hours a day, start to spend time with your family and friends for support. Just about all of us experienced severe heart break at one time or another and the consolation from your friends and family will help you get through. They realize your pain and can be a shoulder to cry on with you feel like falling by the wayside.

There's numerous reasons why couples stop loving each other and break up but love is nearly the cause for a break up, it's indifference. Probabilities are your ex still loves you deeply but the people you have both turned into has made it almost impossible to stay together, but you are able to change things right?

One thing you will see over and over again is an ex desiring the person they left back again...Once they're over them. WHAT you say? Well, the love seldom dies and the bond stays, it's merely the relationship itself that wasn't able to adapt and survive.

If you're able to get your emotions in check you can start the process of demonstrating to your ex that you're still the same person that they fell in love with before it's completely too late.

Odds are you don't need to win back there love. Only they need to see that the bright, positive and effervescent person they feel in love with is still there.

Just about all relationships can be salvaged and yours is no different than any other...If you understand how to fix the problems. Don't spend days...Weeks...And months earning how to live without them, learn how to win them back instead.


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    • carladominique profile image

      Carla Dominique 5 years ago from Philippines

      There are a lot of advices I've been trying to apply to my situation. I haven't seen my ex for over 3months but when we see each other again, there is still this love thing and I admit that. I don't feel any pain of what he did now. I moved on maybe.

    • profile image

      Splitzkrieg 5 years ago

      ADVICE:don't start being behind computer playing games and if you do so you just become geek and you think your life is bad and do whatever you think is good.i survived that and if i think back it seems HORRIBLE.