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How Do You Get Someone Out Of Your Head - 6 Helpful Tips!

Updated on April 9, 2012

Get Over Someone...

This is rather a difficult process, if your love was deep and strong. On the other side of the coin it may be a walk in the park if your love means nothing but a memory for you. If your case is the deep and strong, these 6 helpful tips will help you a great deal to recover:

>>>> 1...Discontinue all means of communication after the break up...If your lover was genuine and solemn, this step should be followed your efforts to put things back once again. After correcting your errors or asking your partner to correct theirs, give them a time span. I suggest you not to make it too long. The more drawn-out you desire and anticipate, the greater your hurts will be. Once all the efforts that you are able to feasibly try has been done, simply quit...No telephone calls, no emails or texting, no birthday cards, nothing at all.

>>>> 2...Stop expecting endlessly...You can give them some time to return. But this should never happen at the cost of your mental or physical well being. Infinite expecting will! Every minute you wait for the person to come back, they might be out there delighting in their lives with someone new. Your ex could have already bounced back and moved forward in their life, finding new joys and love. Set a time limit and let go.

>>>> 3...Experienced hands tell that lost loves and buses are similar. If you missed one, there's another on the way. Never desperately chase them, how valuable it appears. If they merely walked off rubbing out all the memories they had with you, it means they can do it at any time in their lives. You may have been a little piece in their giant jigsaw puzzle. Do you want to pass a lifetime with that kind of person? Do You want to live your life not knowing when and why they'reĀ  just going to get up and leave? If they could forget you, then you need to do the same

>>>> 4...Get rid of any gifts they gave you...There may be piles of gifts and letters that they might have given you. If you're extremely likely to keep looking back at them, you're not likely going to forget any of the memories you had together. If that's the case, simply burn them. But if you're not 100% sure, I would advise you to keep them. But don't look at them until sometime has gone by. After a while, go through that rubble. All these sentiments that hurt you...Are now going to be strange but sweet memories of your past love.

>>>> 5...Avoid any chance meeting with your ex...Keep away from the places you two used to go tot and restaurants or coffee shops where you met for coffee or lunch. Avoid any function in which there's a probability for you to bump into your ex. Keeping away from them can help a lot in getting over the memories in your head.

>>>> 6...Quit reading between the lines...The instant your ex departs you, your mind begins setting up 1000 chances and possibilities, which would generally be nothing simply your own illusions. Don't allow your mind retrieve false-hope in something your might do. If you're is only trying to hurt you by attracting and provoking you after the break up. Please don't read these as their willingness to return and give you false hope.


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    • profile image

      Clara 3 years ago

      I'm impeessrd you should think of something like that

    • profile image

      Chelsea Minogue 5 years ago

      I date this guy that I use to date but I can't get him out of my head I tried everything but it's no use. I still can't get him out but I am now dating this new guy that we have been dating for about 2 months and I have been joking with my date about not having a boyfriends and bang i do so hahahaha father.

    • stricktlydating profile image

      StricktlyDating 7 years ago from Australia

      Really good advice. Delete them from your Facebook friends list too (Or completely block them), so you don't check up on their profile and cause yourself further heartbreak, delete their phone numbers from your phone - At least that's what I've found helpful - Out of mind out of sight, it does help with moving forward.