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Vulnerability… Is It A Horrible Word

Updated on December 30, 2010

The definition of vulnerability; being exposed; left open or capable of being hurt. So I ask, “Why would you want to leave yourself vulnerable?” Have you ever thought that love had anything to do with being vulnerable? It does, deep intimacy and love is about allowing yourself to be vulnerable. This would consist of telling the truth about who you are. Putting those walls down and letting someone into a protected space. Our inclination is to protect ourselves from the unknown, from the possibilities. Unfortunately we may also be shielding ourselves from the possibilities – possibilities only attainable because we allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

Many of us want love to come along, however we all have restrictions of how it should come along. No one wants to feel vulnerable so love must come along on their terms. Some have an outline or what some may call a rigid set of rules and if love doesn’t fit that outline then they would rather be alone then feel vulnerable. Actually that’s the wrong approach. To get a better result of love you have to approach it from different angles. Your outline of protecting yourself has probably failed a time or two. Why not try a different way? Some things give you the same results.

Ever thought about trying a new approach from the same angle may possibly get you better results. Not everyone is out to hurt, some would like to sit and have honest open talk. Some may think you are a certain way. Maybe you radiate strength, why always go into protective mode? This is a great trait in the right context, here’s an opportunity to try a different way. Take a chance and be vulnerable to leave yourself open to show someone you are looking for the same type of love that they are seeking to achieve.

It’s not always necessary show someone you are strong or you are so tough nothing intimidates you because you cannot be hurt. Don’t restrict yourself as to how love may come. Love comes in many different ways and at many different angles. Let it come, open yourself up to someone, yes it does mean you are taking a chance of being hurt. However, you also can be hurt if you don’t open up. Then you are hurt and alone.

Try telling the truth about who you are. Vulnerability is not always a shortcoming. There are those who would love to protect and keep you safe from harm, by adjusting your boundaries, you let someone in. Vulnerability is not always a bad word. In some instances it shows that you are willing to try a different way to get a different result.

That love will come along it will protect you and keep you safe. Open up and put your poker face away. There are those that want you and want to share a new trusting and open love with you. Try a different approach and let that person in. Vulnerability may lead you to a love that will last a lifetime. However, you won’t know unless you try it!


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    • Erin LeFey profile image

      Erin LeFey 7 years ago from Maryland

      I have kept my heart open and been through more heartbreaks than anyone can imagine. I kept hoping...but at a certain age...I think its not wise to be vulnerable anymore and maybe you just have to depend on magic :) I do know what you mean though, and when you find that right person then the two become one and vulnerability and trust with one another is a very good thing. With love, all things are possible. Beautiful hub.

      Voted you up and awesome!