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What Does It Mean To Consider One Another

Updated on March 20, 2011
Don't Let Your Love Float Away
Don't Let Your Love Float Away | Source

Why don’t couples think of their mate before they think of themselves? Here’s a perfect example; there is something that one mate knows irritates or upsets their mate every single time they do it, but, because they have the right to do it, they do it and won’t stop.

You know it’s pretty easy to consider your mates feelings and stop doing whatever it is that upsets them. How can one say they love their mate but they won’t stop doing those upsetting things? Yes, you may have the right, but, is it loving to continue to annoy, upset or hurt your mate? In the society that we live in, why is everyone so selfish? Why does it make a person weak minded to think of someone else first? Why is it humiliating to say to your loved one, “What I did wasn’t nice or thoughtful and I won’t let it happen again?”

Whatever happened to that old golden rule “Do onto others as you would like them to do to you?” Do you want to be annoyed or ignored? No one wants to be ignored when it comes to their feelings or their stance on a situation. Does every single thing have to be based on the “ME” first attitude? Why is it so hard to say, “I’m hurting my mate and from this point on let’s work together on this so as not to let it happen again.”

Being considerate is really not so hard to do. Yes sometimes it takes humility to accept you are doing something wrong. But, we all have done wrong things or have offended others. Be humble and accept it. The foolish person does not believe they err. Who of us have not?

Thinking of ways to always have things go your way will only lead to resentment by your mate. Everyone knows a relationship is built on a give and take. Not to mention how unfair and selfish it is not to consider ones mate.

Consider you mate; it’s never all about one person. Look at yourself and find what you can do to make peace and happiness in your own home. These baby games of well you did such and such, so I am going to do thus and thus. Grow up and learn to consider your mates feelings. At some point everyone has to give. No one can take all the time. Giving usually will make us happy. Giving in a relationship can lead to peace in your home.

What type of person would like to keep contention going between one another, that’s really foolish. Consider one another and build on the success of your relationship. Put the other person in your relationship first, be the one that’s giving. Give attention to your mates likes and dislikes. Don’t read this and say hey this will be good for my mate. It might be, but, look at yourself also. Consider them before you consider yourself. You will see that giving can be easier for a happier relationship, and who wouldn’t want that.


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    • Cardisa profile image

      Carolee Samuda 7 years ago from Jamaica

      Most people say they love but know not the meaning of the words. Love encompasses many things including respect, honor, caring, sensitivity and so much more but most of all commitment.

      You must be committed to respecting, honoring, caring and all the 'ings' that come with it.