How You Met Your Spouse

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  1. debbiepinkston profile image74
    debbiepinkstonposted 11 years ago

    How did you meet your spouse? I find it so interesting to hear the stories of how people met.  I will share mine after a few of you have shared.

    1. CrisSp profile image68
      CrisSpposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Nothing out of ordinary...we were officemates way back then and both singles and so, the relationship was developed not only because of our daily meet at work but also due to frequent after office activities with other fellow workers. In short, we met while both working our a*s off, aiming for some financial gain. I was still in the University (working student) and he just graduated, newly employed. We've been together for 24 years now and I'm proud. *smile*

      1. debbiepinkston profile image74
        debbiepinkstonposted 11 years agoin reply to this

        Thank you for sharing!  I'm happy to hear that you are together 24 years later!

    2. Dale Hyde profile image75
      Dale Hydeposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      We meet in the early AOL chat..she in California and myself in Texas.  We stayed online friends for over seven years and got married four years ago Christmas. smile  You remember the dial up, the cds with the free hours of internet time offered by AOL in the mail?  and of course the "You Have Mail!"... smile

      1. debbiepinkston profile image74
        debbiepinkstonposted 11 years agoin reply to this

        Yes, I remember the old dial up!  You must have both been very patient as you got to know each other!  I'm glad you found each other!

        1. Dale Hyde profile image75
          Dale Hydeposted 11 years agoin reply to this

          Thanks Debbie. smile

    3. profile image0
      Justsilvieposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      I was fifteen and had a job at the local on base movie theater snack stand. I looked up and saw the most beautiful green eyes I had ever seen looking down at me. I was so flustered I dropped his change in his  cola and as he smiled and walked away, I told my friend and coworker he was the one I am going to marry and I did. Twice. This round is until death do us part.

      1. debbiepinkston profile image74
        debbiepinkstonposted 11 years agoin reply to this

        How funny!  Goes to show that we never know what will happen, even if we "flub up".  Thanks for sharing!

    4. That Grrl profile image71
      That Grrlposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      We met as penpals when we were both 14. Over the years we wrote back and forth, with some gaps in between. We met a long time later when I travelled down the the US.

      1. debbiepinkston profile image74
        debbiepinkstonposted 11 years agoin reply to this

        That's awesome that you kept in touch for so many years.  We never know when someone we met, becomes a friend, then a good friend and then a spouse or life partner.

  2. Horatio Plot profile image74
    Horatio Plotposted 11 years ago

    My wife and I met on a much hyped blind date. We were set up by a mutual friend who worked with me called Annet. She showed me a photo of Emily, my future wife, and said something along the lines of, "Oh, I was showing my friend some pictures and she asked who you were. She said you were very handsome and wanted to keep one of the photos of you. She also gave me a photo of her for me to give to you."
    Annet then told Emily a similar story, saying that I had seen a photo of her and thought she was beautiful and that I had given Annet a picture of me to give to her (hope you're following this!).
    None of this was true of course, it was was just some match making voodoo by Annet.
    Annet then invited Emily to our firm's Christmas party. Emily reluctantly agreed to come but on the night stayed well clear of the weirdo who had asked for a picture of her. I too decided the situation was most odd and uncomfortably kept my distance. Eventually, and after much persuading from Annet I agreed to go talk to the girl.
    12 years later I have that picture of Emily on my bedside table, the real thing in my bed and after 8 years of happy marriage still say a little prayer to Annet before I go to sleep.

    1. debbiepinkston profile image74
      debbiepinkstonposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      How beautiful!  That goes to show that blind dates or set-ups don't always end badly!  I'm so happy for you and Emily!  Keep talking, sharing, spending time together, hearing each others' heart, and you will go a long way!

      Thank you for sharing your story!

  3. MizBejabbers profile image88
    MizBejabbersposted 11 years ago

    It was my first day on the job as news director for a radio station, and I was being taken around by the manager and introduced to the staff. We got to the production room, and there was this guy really blowin' and goin' -- on a soapbox about something. The manager said, "don't mind him, it's just Larry." I don't think we were ever formally introduced. His engineering office was next door to my news room, and in the afternoon, he would come by and we would talk. Then he asked me to go to movies with him, although he knew that I was in a relationship. I think I finally accepted his third invitation, and we've been together ever since. We had been dating six weeks when he had a heart attack. His friends and I moved him out of his apartment into my house while he was still in the hospital, and a year later we were married. He tells friends that I "kidnapped" him and took advantage of him while he was down. LOL. I nearly lost him to a major heart attack nine months later, and we lived many years in fear that his life was going to be cut short. However, we recently had our 28th wedding anniversary, and I think the old coot is going to outlive me.

    1. debbiepinkston profile image74
      debbiepinkstonposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      That's beautiful!  Thank goodness you "kidnapped" him!  I'm so pleased that you have recently celebrated your 28th anniversary.  All that love and care has made a difference!

  4. jponiato profile image87
    jponiatoposted 11 years ago

    I was a trail guide at a riding stable in mid-Michigan, and she came down from Flint with a bunch of guys we knew as "The Flint Rowdies."  She seemed a little stand-offish at first, because she'd been warned about how us "cowboys" could be horn-dogs.  Nevertheless, we started talking - and kept right on talking most of the night.  Went together for a couple of years, and we've been married now for almost 30.  There's still nobody I'd rather talk to.

    1. debbiepinkston profile image74
      debbiepinkstonposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      That is awesome!  You just never know when you meet someone what that relationship will turn out to be.  I'm excited to hear of couples like you who have been together for so many years and are still happy!  Good for you!

  5. debbiepinkston profile image74
    debbiepinkstonposted 11 years ago

    Ok Hub friends, I'll now tell you how I met my husband.  When I was living in Venezuela I met an Irish woman, Vivienne, and together she and I started an orphanage for boys.  We worked side by side for 12 years, doing the endless paperwork required by the government in order to keep the home open, climbing up hills to the shacks where we had heard of yet another neglected or abused child, raising funds for the orphanage, and so much more. Our friendship was based on our mutual love of these boys.  Ok, no I'm not lesbian.  The point is, Vivienne was married to a Colombia man, Silvio.  They had a lovely marriage based on care and respect.  Vivienne passed away 7 years ago.  We were all devastated as you can imagine.  After her passing, I visited Silvio and we slowly developed a friendship.  Later when I found myself single after 27 years of marriage, we began to date and fell in love.  I moved to the U.S. to take care of some family needs, and he moved back to his home in Colombia.  We had a long distance romance for about 2 years, and got married last year here in NW Arkansas.  We have a here-and-there marriage, I spend a few months in Colombia, then a few here, then he comes here, and we're racking up those skymiles.  We both thank God and Vivienne for bringing us together.

    1. jponiato profile image87
      jponiatoposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      It's great that you could meet the challenges of long-distant relationships and come together.  Thanks for the opportunity for all of us to share our experiences.

      1. debbiepinkston profile image74
        debbiepinkstonposted 11 years agoin reply to this

        I love to hear everyone's love stories!  Keep 'em coming!


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