Do Women Stay In Abusive Relationships Because Of Children?

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  1. ngureco profile image79
    ngurecoposted 15 years ago

    Do Women Stay In Abusive Relationships Because Of Children?

  2. Heym0mxtwo profile image58
    Heym0mxtwoposted 15 years ago

    Yes they do. You can read my hub located at

  3. advisor4qb profile image73
    advisor4qbposted 15 years ago

    Yes, they do.  You can also read my hub on narcissists:

  4. profile image55
    tinkerbell09posted 15 years ago

    That is usually the main reason.  Some women stay in abusive relationships because they feel they don't deserve anything better, or the man will make them feel they can't get anyone better.  Abusive relationships are a terrible thing either way.

  5. kmackey32 profile image62
    kmackey32posted 15 years ago

    I'm speeking from experience and I can tell you that may be a small reason. I stayed for so long because I feared he would take my children from me. He had me brainwashed into thinking he could. Also I feared being alone and I feared change. And my father passed away when I was a baby so I didn't want my children to grow up without there father.

  6. profile image0
    Lady_Eposted 15 years ago

    Sometimes they do because of the kids and sometimes  its because they are not aware of the help/support out there. (This is because they don't like to discuss the issue with people).

    Thank goodness, people like advisor4qb, Heymomx2, tinkerbell and some other supportive people/organisations are making such women to see that there is a way out.

  7. profile image49
    nycbloggingposted 15 years ago

    No, I think that woman stay in abusive relationships because they are scared of the consequence of them leaving. In my opinion, woman in abusive relationships feel and generally think that most men are like that. In addition, they also feel like one day the husband or boyfriend might change. Although, to some extend I feel that they do stay in their relationship to maybe keep their family together but I feel like they’re scared of reaching for help.
    In many cases woman that stay in abusive relationships aren’t usually independent. They usually relay in their spouse for household financial support. They feel that as long as their abusive spouse continues to support their family they can hold on a little longer.
    If your experiencing this in your life reach out for help. There are many programs out their design to help woman in abusive relationships start a new life.

  8. BJC profile image68
    BJCposted 14 years ago

    Yes, especially if they have no education or work skills.  Fear of the unknown is a huge factor.

  9. Valerie F profile image61
    Valerie Fposted 14 years ago

    One of the possible consequences of leaving an abusive relationship is the increased difficulties, both in terms of finances and time constraints, in supporting and caring for the children. So children definitely are a reason women stay.

  10. GENIVA96 profile image59
    GENIVA96posted 13 years ago

    I am saying this, because I am there right now. Yes, we do stay in the relationship just because of the children. A lot of the time it has to do with the other using your children against you. That is mine and so many other mothers worst fear. I just got out of the hospital after I spent 2 weeks there in the ICU, with my face being unrecognizable. This is the first and only place you will see me on and that's because I can only be on here when he is not here. I am so glad this web site was made, it really does help people like me.

  11. salcheryl2008 profile image56
    salcheryl2008posted 13 years ago

    Yes. I believe they do, my reason for this comes from experience. I was in an abusive relationship for over 20 years . I was a mother of two (both children by my Husband). I also grew up without my biological parents, which lead me  to say to myself early If I had children I would  make sure they had both parents in the home....many years had past that my husband behavior was just other way to put it, examples where no communication for days  (with myself or the kids) beatings, If I arranged the house a certain way, by the time I returned home from work  it would be back to the way he wanted it. no pictures were allowed showcased in the home (family pictures).he would take jewerly from my neck as I slept and it would just disappear...I thought until I found a couple of pieces years later.....hidden....Looking back I remember telling my Son when things would happen(name calling in front of the kids, I was fat & stupid ) "This is not the way to treat a woman". I would whisper to him.....I can say I did stay, if not for my own selfish reasons ,  because of it being socially accepted for the two parent household, and finance reasons....But knowing what I know now...I would have left  years , I mean years ago.. We are  really stronger than we may think ....I'm proof f that.


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