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Which Men Make The Best Lovers?

  1. ngureco profile image83
    ngurecoposted 8 years ago

    Which Men Make The Best Lovers?

  2. surfgatinho profile image82
    surfgatinhoposted 8 years ago

    I hear 30-something, blond English guys are pretty hot!

  3. Hilly Chism profile image75
    Hilly Chismposted 8 years ago

    In my experience masseurs and physiotherapists if you can find a straight one, generally men who are patient and relaxed that know how to switch off their minds and egos - yoga/meditation types.

    1. Say Yes To Life profile image82
      Say Yes To Lifeposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      As they used to say in the 1970s - if it's physical, it's therapy.

  4. dl53acy profile image75
    dl53acyposted 8 years ago

    Italian guys and African American guys make wonderful lovers!!

    1. Say Yes To Life profile image82
      Say Yes To Lifeposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Even with all these African American single mothers???????

  5. stricktlydating profile image82
    stricktlydatingposted 8 years ago

    Men who are confident, faithful, and who take the time to please the woman. Men who ask us what we want and then are willing to try it. Men who are passionate and a little daring and who kiss and caress, and don't make it too rough.

  6. MsSimple profile image55
    MsSimpleposted 8 years ago

    The ones that love you and you love them and you are both committed to each other

  7. dabeaner profile image56
    dabeanerposted 8 years ago

    Ones such as me = = = = = = =  = = = = = = = = =

  8. chris4trouble profile image48
    chris4troubleposted 8 years ago

    the men who like alot of foreplay and kissing!!!

  9. jojo-10101 profile image52
    jojo-10101posted 8 years ago

    the men who r faithful, sincere and man enough to keep his girl hapy and create a kind of understanding that never lead to break up..

  10. wsp2469 profile image59
    wsp2469posted 8 years ago

    I have been told funny men with mustaches who wear hats make the best lovers.

  11. writinginalaska profile image80
    writinginalaskaposted 7 years ago

    a mature man, one who realizes foreplay begins long before you hit the bedroom.  A man who's initial focus is the satisfaction of his woman first, mutiple times preferably,  then and only then his.  Also a man who knows how to make a deep mental connection with his woman.

    1. Say Yes To Life profile image82
      Say Yes To Lifeposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      That's what my sex ed teacher taught us in high school.  Since then, I've refused to settle for anything less!

  12. Ashantina profile image60
    Ashantinaposted 7 years ago

    Usually the guys who REALLY REALLY lurve sex.
    If you have a deep passion for something, you're gonna be  good at it...