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how to save my relationship.

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    kati38posted 8 years ago

    how to save my relationship.

    me and my boyfriend got back together but he doesnt seem interested in me doesnt call me or answers my calls but yesterday we had a blast was a great night but today he didnt even want to talk to me nothing he told my friend that hes confused sometimes but hes weird because when he left my house yesterday he was like i love you and then he called me back to say good night and also say i love i think he just say it nd doesnt mean it bcuz 2day he doesnt want to answer my calls what can do i dnt want to loose him he went way for the weekend will he miss me even though he doesnt seem to love me.

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    felixlawrenceposted 8 years ago

    My dear, you should not lose hopes. Try to send a message to him.

    Wait for some time. He may be in a bad mood. Let him  ease first.

    If he loves you, he will return. If he doesn't, he does not love you.

  3. solarcaptain profile image73
    solarcaptainposted 8 years ago

    How would anyone know what is expected when the other persons constantly changes what they want?  Or they are passive aggressive and leave it to you to sit and  ponder the message.? Doesn't it make you angry when he pulls that on you?    Besides,... read more

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    1kmjsposted 8 years ago

    The relationship you have right now is probobly the one your always going to have with him. Ya cant change him so I think you better work on you. You sound like love is pry the major hobby in your life, Try picking up a few more. Get yourself busy in other things that you hold dear, and miss a few of his calls if he wants to play games. Guys are suckers for a self sufficent woman.He may be eating out of your hand in a month.

  5. Anamika S profile image56
    Anamika Sposted 8 years ago

    There is a saying "if you love someone, set him free. If he comes back to you, he is yours.' Stop being desperate  when talking with him or being with him. Give him space. The tips in my hub 'how to get your guy hooked to you forever ' may work for you. Here is the link http://hubpages.com/hub/How-to-get-your … ou-forever

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    blong72posted 8 years ago

    are you the one chasing him down all the time? If you are maybe you should take a break from that for a while and see what his reactions are. He might be used to you doing that and takes it for grannted. I wrote a blog post on my blog. It might help http://getyourexbackresource.com/how-to … and-advice

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    Ms. Pascualposted 8 years ago

    try to return your question to yourself..Do you miss him despite of, you dont love him,why should we miss someone who is not important...I say important b'coz if you have love,you give the importance...2 kinds of importance in terms of love,importance because he is using you as fast time or whatever..or #2 importance mean he give you much time coz they doesnt want to waste his time without you.. back yo your question,how you save ur relationship...its hard to save one relationship if only one want to save it...try to fix things,try to catch all your miserable time with him..do you think its over...i have no idea how old r you.but in any reason,if you dont feel the love you expected on him, its time for you to give up on him...you encountered a lot of men...in time you say...its just wasting of time being with him.

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    vinnz21posted 7 years ago

    There are some easy ways online in saving your relationship, try to visit my hub for further explanation on this, you can save your relationship and get your ex or both of you and your boyfriend and you can be prepare when you are marriage soon, by following the advices here http://hubpages.com/hub/saveyourmarriagetoday

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    faybellowsposted 7 years ago

    Hey Kati,

    Im sorry to hear that things are on the rock with your guy. I have a friend that's unfortunantly going through a simular situation. I suggested she go to the following site and they are on there way back to lovers lane :-)

    You should try it too

    Good Luck


    -Just copy and place the link in your browser & replace the DOT with .net so you can go to the site.

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    eop888posted 7 years ago

    Hi Katie38,
    From my point of view as a man I can give you a few tips without really knowing exactly what is going on with you two, these can win your man back.

    First, as humans , we always want what we can not have. If he knows he can not have you, the more he will want you.

    Lets say that you sense a bit of a cold treatment from him, you can do the first step of saying something like  " I feel that this relationship is kinda getting cold and maybe we should take some time off and give each other space for a while" , when he feels that you are ready to let him go, the more you will be in his mind and the more he wants you back.

    Stop calling him or stop texting him, ignore his emails or calls.
    Give him the cold treatment and show confidence in yourself that you will be alright and doing great.. surely he will be running after you and be wanting you more. but don't give in yet.

    You have to have real patience, do not to give in when he suddenly becomes close and wants you back again. Building and strengthening your relationship takes one day at a time, if you plan this to be on real solid ground, if you know what I mean.

    Do you know the core reason why men leave women? ...it is not beauty, sex, or a younger fresher face… I am SHOCKED most women can't answer this question. Men desire this ONE thing more than any other…give it to them and they will be yours FOREVER.

    Things Not To Do-To Save A Relationship

    -do not try to convince them you are the love of their life
    -do not apologize profusely for everything
    -do not Promise to change for good this time
    -do not Try to get them to see that it wasn't really our fault
    -do not Even beg with them to take us back

    And of course with every word we utter, regardless of our intention, the more and more defensive, angry and distant they become.

    This is my final note for you. If you are really serious in building your relationship, or prevent a break up, or bring back romance, you
    have to invest in yourself, you need to arm yourself with the arsenal that indeed saved my relationship. Visit this review article at www.savemyrelationship.ca  to get the complete details of what exactly you need to do.