Do gay couples have more sex than heterosexual couples?

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  1. izettl profile image87
    izettlposted 14 years ago

    Do gay couples have more sex than heterosexual couples?

  2. abbarnes007 profile image60
    abbarnes007posted 14 years ago

    Good question. I was in a seriously committed relationship with a woman for five years. Before that, I was in several committed relationships with men and women. Personally, I found myself in an upside-down triangle. It seemed to be consistent in my relationships with men and women.

    My definition:

    I meet a person. We have meaningful conversations into the wee hours of morning. We continue to spend time together, sometimes in increments of several hours, then it leads to a spicy romance. Things continue to get hot and heavy through the dating stage and through the beginning of a new relationship (0-3 months). As time goes on and the relationship becomes deeper, the sexual encounters seem to slowly dissipate. Until we are at the end of the relationship (2-5 years) and the sexual desire has completely left the building.

    My answer to your question:

    I do not believe that gay couples have sex more than heterosexual couples. I have obviously experienced relationships in both areas and have found that I have similar patterns in either one.

  3. profile image0
    kaceybabeposted 14 years ago

    i dont believe so. im gay ... but in the past (in the straight days if ya like) i have slept with men. i was inclined to do it less as they just didnt do it for me. they say a relationship starts in the honeymoon period and once that fades sometimes the sex does too ... no matter what the gender, everyone has a dif sex drive i guess smile x

  4. xiao_kang profile image61
    xiao_kangposted 13 years ago

    That's a hard question to answer without conducting some serious polls and surveys. Personally, I think we do.
    I'm not sure how you define sex. There's penetration sex and then there's just playing around until both climax. For the sake of this post I'm going to include the later in the definition of SEX.
    I'm a gay guy. When I'm not in a relationship i will seek out a sexual partner about twice a month, sometimes more, or if I have an FB (a F*** buddy for regular encounters) we'd get freaky about once a week or more. A rough estimate of how many times i have sexual encounters in a year I would say about 50 (when I'm single) Just penetration sex would be less than half that.
    When I'm in a relationship it's 3 to 5 times a week (penetration sex about twice a week)
    I don't know how often hetero's do the nasty but I know some that do it just as much and others that have to clear out the cob-webs from their shorts when they finally do get a piece.
    Who knows, right?

  5. PrincessAllaena profile image61
    PrincessAllaenaposted 13 years ago

    Im going to say unequivocally YES!!!  At least in my experience I do...but then again this all depends on how sexual the individuals are.

  6. profile image0
    Words by Mikeposted 13 years ago

    I feel like this question is based of a stereotype. I have lived as both a straight married man and Gay man/ I believe that this issue of amount falls to the individual and what is right for them. Because someone is Gay does not mean they are more sexual. I know plenty of Gay and lesbian that complain of having no sexual drive.

  7. Kharisma1980 profile image78
    Kharisma1980posted 13 years ago

    Personally, I believe that each relationship is different. There is some research suggesting that on average, gay men in relationships have slightly more sex than the average straight couple (which is about three times a week for the first two years). Lesbian women might tend to have slightly less than most straight couples.

    Some researchers suggest that this difference is biological - men tend to have higher libidos than do women. I wonder if it's more a social thing. Though there is improvement, many segments of society still think it's more "appropriate" for a woman to have less sex, initiate less, and be less horny than a man. Speaking as a gay man and feminist, I think this is wrong and unfortunate.

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