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I'm in a relationship but I'm a huge flirt. How can I stop myself from flirting

  1. stricktlydating profile image81
    stricktlydatingposted 8 years ago

    I'm in a relationship but I'm a huge flirt. How can I stop myself from flirting so much?

    Because I feel so guilty about it afterwards.

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    Whiteiris42posted 8 years ago

    While I hesitate to question your motives, I recommend you consider why you feel guilty about the flirting. Are you flirting with others to indulge your ego or in an attempt to make your partner feel jealous? Is it an attempt to bolster your self esteem or make up for something lacking in your current relationship? Are you stringing people along in the hopes of creating a bank of potential lovers to pick and chose from? If these are the reasons behind your behavior, you may feel remorseful for taking advantage of people to meet your needs, rather then doing so in a straight forward fashion.  However, if you are flirting simply as a pleasant way to pass the time while honing your wit and charm, then you need to assess why this makes you feel guilty.

  3. ms.truly lovely profile image33
    ms.truly lovelyposted 8 years ago

    stop looking people in thier eyes when you feel yourself about to flirt look down or around like you lost something ,if your in a relationship with someone the worst thing you could do is break that other persons heart by lying cheating and decieving them. If the relationship is not fulfilling to you , then you need to sit down with your partner look them in the eyes and say what you need more in the relationship if it agreeable for both of you good  if not be willing to leave the relationship or at least seaperate for a while until some type of agreement can be discoverd it may hurt the other person but they've got to respect the fact that you were honest and have enough respect for yourself and them to not take advantage of a person or situation even though you cold have instead you chose to sit yourself out until you get it together you feel me . you can still be thier for that person in other ways but relationship wise to keep hearts newer and freasher be honest in all areas .

  4. heart4theword profile image80
    heart4thewordposted 8 years ago

    Many woman think it is a challenge to see if they can get a man's attention, and once they do, some think they can take it a step further, to see how much they can get away with. 

    Like you said, even when we think we can get away with things, someone is always watching!

    Think about how hurt you would be if your partner, was being lured by some other womans eyes?  Are you ok, with another woman stealing a glance from your partner, in hopes to get an aknowledgement that she is more beautiful than you?

    Just trying to see if you can see it from another perspective?

    I say like some of the others, it seems to all start with the eyes...if you can control yourself to look away, it is always the second, third and fourth glance that gets a person in trouble!