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im going to break up with my boyfriend, how do i tell him i like his bestfriend?

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    Sissy1804posted 8 years ago

    im going to break up with my boyfriend, how do i tell him i like his bestfriend?

    i know his bestfriend likes me too and my boyfriend gets jealous of him but we cant help it. what do i do?

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    Justin McCroryposted 8 years ago

    ok this is kind of hard to answer considering I don't know the reason why you are breaking up.  But if you strongly feel that his best friend is best for you to be involved and you know he's okay with it go for it.  One thing you should  know is to not rush into the new relationship with the bestfriend wait until you know that everyone is okay with it.  The last thing you want is to break up two best friends.  You should tell your boyfriend that it isn't working out and give him time (about a week)  talk to him and tell him you have feelings for his friend.  So basically my answer is to tell him you like his friend and ASK for his approval.  i hope I was helpful.

  3. stricktlydating profile image83
    stricktlydatingposted 8 years ago

    You want to break up with your boyfriend and you want to tell him you've got the hots for his friend?  That's one of the worst things you could do to a guy!

    Break up with him if it's not working, but I strongly advise against telling him about your crush on his best friend!  Or attempting to start a relationship with his best friend!

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    HubCrafterposted 8 years ago

    You could run him over with your car.
    ..and then..
    ..leave him a nice note.

    He'll understand.

    Especially with the car on his chest and all.

    It helps to cut thru any unnecessary confusion about what's coming next.

    He's already experiencing excruciating pain. So then...
    Give him the note.

    By the way.
    I hope things work out with you and the NEW boyfriend.

    Cuz eventually all this changing your mind is gonna mean bodywork....and CARS can be such a bother. Ya know?

    Thanks for the question. And it's really OK (trust me on this)...ya DON'T have ta tell me how it turns out.

    I've been run over before.


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    Dmianposted 8 years ago

    If something happends between you two you are going to let you boyfriend with a serious trauma... not only he would find hard to trust in any new relationship with women but also with his friends

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    rakeithaposted 7 years ago

    You should not have any boyfriends until you grow up and find yourself.  If it was the other way around, how would you feel if he came and told you he liked your girlfriend and was breaking up with you.  It's brutally selfish. "Do unto others as you will have them do unto you." Find out what you're all about and learn to like yourself  and that way you'll find out what you want in your life.  Don't breakup a friendship by being selfish.  If his friend is messing around with you now, he's not a friend at all and that kind of relationship will never work out.  I'm a firm believer in "you reap what you sow" so sow good seeds and "what goes around comes back around".  I you don't care for your boyfriend anymore, breakup and go your separate way and find yourself.  Grow up.

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    eastexplorerposted 7 years ago

    This is one of those situation when you find out what a true friend is. I personally would never do that to my best friends seeing it's happened to me before too, and I didn't appreciate it. The girl I don't talk to anymore and the guy well, if I recall memories I hated him. I however try to look at the bright side and say I found out who my true friends were.

    If you go ahead with this I think you might up end up seeing more trouble than planned but the decision is yours...

    Good Luck.