What other things can destroy a marriage/relationship besides infidelity or fina

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  1. Madison22 profile image61
    Madison22posted 12 years ago

    What other things can destroy a marriage/relationship besides infidelity or finances?

  2. profile image0
    loriamooreposted 12 years ago

    Lots of things can destroy a relationship.

    Lack of trust/loss of trust
    Relocation due to job transfer
    Health issues
    Other family members

  3. Dzierba profile image61
    Dzierbaposted 12 years ago

    Alcohol, a husband who beats his wife, lack of love.

  4. profile image57
    Msgracieposted 12 years ago

    People that don't communicate well with each other.  This is a big relationship killer, I have debates so much with person in my life, because his communication lacks alot....Until there is something drastic going on with him good or bad, you will not get alot of communication about his life...you have to drag things out of him.
    Also, interaction with is the same line, dates are extremely important doing mutual interests as well as something the other likes are highly recommended adds balance.

  5. hannahlee1 profile image57
    hannahlee1posted 12 years ago

    A spouse who is too controlling because they themselves lack the self esteem necessary to allow the other to be who they are.

  6. GoGranny profile image61
    GoGrannyposted 12 years ago

    Parenting disparities. When parents disagree over how to raise their children. This may become most difficult with teenagers. For example:  you have a mother who is constantly babying and defending an irresponsible child while the father wants to hold the child responsible for his/her actions. These mothers will prefer to discard the father in favor of the child, or the father gets fed up and leaves. Oftentimes the father is just trying to be a father, not abusive, just holding the child accountable and insisting on appropriate discipline. I have seen this one numerous times. And I have witnessed these same kids grow up to be juvenile delinquents.

  7. hollywoodjames profile image60
    hollywoodjamesposted 12 years ago

    Being inconsiderate
    Being disrespectful
    Being critical
    Making comparisons
    and the list goes on....and on....and on

  8. ashmadz profile image58
    ashmadzposted 12 years ago

    not listening .. not spending time with one another .. for an ex.. i have been with my bf for over 7yrs.. i we have just hit a rock .. he says its nothig i say it is ..
         i think in order to that closes, u need to listen and thik about what the other is saying.
    sometimes the end of love comes from when u stop believe in your love

  9. Admiral Murrah profile image71
    Admiral Murrahposted 10 years ago

    An overview dealing with some of the major threats to marriages outside of finances and infidelity. The article looks at the role of the extended family, friends and behaviors that often damage marriages. read more


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