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why is it so hard to move on after your ex broke your heart? it been two years a

  1. missagyei profile image51
    missagyeiposted 8 years ago

    why is it so hard to move on after your ex broke your heart? it been two years and i feel like i...

    still love and care for him. he left me at a stage where i was not ready to let go of the relationship. As i said it been two years and everytime i see him with another woman it kills my soul. How do i get over him?

  2. danny-rose profile image58
    danny-roseposted 8 years ago

    Yes it is not easy when you love somebody so much. My advice is to go out with friends more often. Find something interesting to do, it can keep your busy. Usually time is the best medicine, but you probably live in the same city as him. If this is the case, try to move away from there. I know is very hard, and I am sorry this happened to you. Time heals, but you have to take control to help yourself. Good luck my friend, and I hope this helps.

  3. stricktlydating profile image83
    stricktlydatingposted 8 years ago

    You may always have some feelings for him, but the best thing you can do to is to get out there and start dating again, and hopefully in time you'll meet someone who you also grow feelings for, and hopefully he'll feel the same too!
    Also, when I've found myself daydreaming romantically about my ex boyfriend, I remember to also remind myself about what didn't work in our relationship, and the reason we split up, that stops me from thinking I'm missing him so much.
    Best wishes.

  4. Rhonda Waits profile image79
    Rhonda Waitsposted 7 years ago

    It has been two years. That is a shame,you have been upset over this loser who broke your heart. It is time to stop. You have had enough of time and tears wasted on him. Get rid of everything that he gave you like mementos,unless it is something expensive. Then try to get some money for it. He is not worth it. Remove him completely from your life. Don;t visit places he is use to going to. Start over and fresh. Meet someone new. Date again. Force yourself out of the house. You have one life don't waste it on a sack of garbage. That is it. move on. Good luck to you.

  5. 34th Bomb Group profile image59
    34th Bomb Groupposted 7 years ago

    Quit feeling sorry with yourself and be happy. Start with gardening or fixing up that old car you've been meaning to tackle. Your misery is his pride.
    Been there...