Should I go to the dance with my new boyfriend or spend the weekend at my long-t

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    Cutie_Teenposted 7 years ago

    Should I go to the dance with my new boyfriend or spend the weekend at my long-time bff's place?

    My best friend for the last 7 years who lives far away wants me to come and visit her on the same weekend I'm supposed to go to a dance with my boyfriend (formerly known as my crush). The relationship with this guy is new and I REALLY don't want to screw it up, but this is my best friend we're talking about and what does it say when I choose my new guy over her? If you answer this question, please tell me why you chose the answer that you did. I'm so confused over all this!

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    kal102387posted 7 years ago

    To me its not choosing anybody. It depends is there going to be anymore dances for you and your boyfriend to go to? if not then you should def. go. If you want to be fair with your BFF go to her house the next weekend after that, plan a weekend for her, so she doesnt feel all left out.  your bff is going to be there forever but not the bf.

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    Georgie98posted 7 years ago

    I agree, if you've been best friends for 7 years, despite the fact she lives so far from you, then she would understand that suggesting you go see her the following weekend would be easier. Tell her you have a fancy dance to go to with....and that you really wish you could do both. But if she knows he's new and a previous crush then she'll understand.
    Make sure you don't end the conversation with her thinking you've chosen your guy over her. Explain, that you'ld like it to work out with him a little longer, and going to the dance would help that. Giggle about it, say it's one way to hang on to him for a bit, and perhaps persuade a little romance to come out of him! She'll know how you feel, and I'm sure she would understand you visiting either the following weekend or soon after. You mustn't leave it long though.