What do you remember about your first love?

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  1. 6hotfingers3 profile image61
    6hotfingers3posted 8 years ago

    What do you remember about your first love?

  2. abbiz profile image60
    abbizposted 8 years ago

    I was very shy when I meet my beloved! Hahaha

  3. mogrey profile image53
    mogreyposted 8 years ago

    well as far as i can remember, my first love was just like yesterday and it so happened that in that 30yr span of time i still think of her and wonder what happened why we didn't get the chance of being together. i thought to myself that we are not meant to be yet i wanted to. but then again, things happened for a reason even if we cant or dont try to understand why because we want our expectations and demands to happened for our own benefits. and yet God is One Who really allows all the things that happened and we are to cope with what He is to offer.

    I am hoping to see her again though, if God permits then why not. before my time ends , i wanted to see her one more time...AGAIN!

  4. Tusitala Tom profile image67
    Tusitala Tomposted 8 years ago

    The sudden realization that I was in love.  I have loved and do love, but was only 'in love' once.  It came in a moment; one minute my girl was simply "my girl friend," the next, the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.   It didn't happen.  Engaged, jilted for another guy, I felt the angst for a long, long time.

    Later, much later, I realized that we are not in love with another person, but with an 'idea' of a person we have fabricated in our minds.   To be 'in love' is to be 'in need'  and when we are in need of another to fulfill our lives we are very vunerable.  We are, I believe, living in a very immature state at that time.

    Now, I simply love the woman a who came along later...and we've been married for over fifty years.

  5. Lisa HW profile image64
    Lisa HWposted 8 years ago

    I don't know if this counts or not, but it was when I was in third grade (decades ago); and I remember absolutely everything about it.   smile

    In fact, a couple/few months ago I wrote a whole Hub, "When You're Eight and In Love".    I don't know...    I guess I figured it was a nice enough childhood memory to put in writing.  Lots of other people have similar "first loves".    smile


  6. profile image46
    PANASSERYposted 8 years ago

    It was short lived one.I was 12 years of age at that time.She was also same age.Although it was shortlived we met and saw eachother for 6 years.After that never met again.

  7. akirchner profile image95
    akirchnerposted 8 years ago

    That he was kind, polite, intelligent and very hot! I also learned how to be treated well and to expect that.

  8. profile image0
    BenjaminBposted 8 years ago

    I lived on the beach in North Carolina.I was 15, it was towards the end of August and the tourist season's main stretch was coming to a close. We had been chasing each other around town for the better part of the month and she was everything I ever wanted and to this day have still never found. The day she was leaving my mom grounded me and I was never able to say goodbye and have never seen her since. I remember I threw one of the biggest fits of my life that day ripping everything from my walls and busting up my stereo and television. I've long since forgot her name but that ember of hurt still exists deep in my soul twenty years later.

  9. Darrell Roberts profile image75
    Darrell Robertsposted 8 years ago

    I remember when our eyes met it was like they instantly connected.  She was walking with some other girl who did not really exist because all I could see was her splendor.  She really is a princess.  Our relationship has evolved from friends to lovers and now to better friends as time has passed, but I will always lover her and hold our first meeting as one of the most special moments in my life.

  10. 6hotfingers3 profile image61
    6hotfingers3posted 8 years ago

    thank you everyone for your responses. Everyone wrote with such passion about their first love. I felt like I connected to the memories you shared. Thanks again!

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