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Why do people say they are in love when they really aren't?

  1. Chupp22 profile image79
    Chupp22posted 7 years ago

    Why do people say they are in love when they really aren't?

  2. JoanneDoubtfire profile image78
    JoanneDoubtfireposted 7 years ago

    Most probably because they've never experience love before and have such strong feelings that they believe it's love!

  3. TheBlondie profile image59
    TheBlondieposted 7 years ago

    They are in love with the idea of love. Love is supposed to be perfect and special, and people just want to feel like they have it whether or not they do.

  4. Matt in Jax profile image68
    Matt in Jaxposted 7 years ago

    It's exactly like the Grandma or Mother's cooking notion: Even if you don't love it, someone will always tell them that they do. Some people just feel the guilt if their partner has said it.

  5. lburmaster profile image83
    lburmasterposted 7 years ago

    People want to feel wanted, they desire to love and be loved. My boyfriend's mother has the same issue. She convinces herself that she is in love and that her man loves her. However, it turns out they never do. Other times they want to make the other person happy. Trying to satisfy everyone. There are many different reasons why people claim to love.

  6. carolp profile image80
    carolpposted 7 years ago

    Most people prefer to fall in love than fall out of it. Others want to create love and hope to find pure love. It is a feeling to be needed, to have someone rather than be alone, a compromise.

  7. Lisa HW profile image73
    Lisa HWposted 7 years ago

    Some people believe it when they say it.
    Some want to believe it.
    Some want others to believe it.
    Some can't or won't face that they aren't.
    Some don't have a clue about what really being in love is.
    Some are just liars who either have, or don't have, other incentives for lying.

  8. TinaTango profile image67
    TinaTangoposted 7 years ago

    because they have no clue what love is, or they may be trying to make someone else jealous, OR in my case, although this sounds horrible - I say it although I don't mean it, I am in love with some one else that I cannot have and financially I have to stay with the person I am with.

  9. Eric Prado profile image76
    Eric Pradoposted 7 years ago

    I think it is because, to some people, Love does not exist unless someone else is watching. It is almost as if they are simply putting on a show to be seen and not experiencing it to be felt.