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How do you feel about Divorce?

  1. Shanna Delaney profile image52
    Shanna Delaneyposted 6 years ago

    How do you feel about Divorce?

    I find divorce is so common now in this world. But I want to know what your take on it is.


  2. MrsHernandez profile image60
    MrsHernandezposted 6 years ago

    I think its easy to say but hard to do...When we are in love with our spouse, Divorce is a last option, No matter how are  things might seems some times they are always solutions and ways to make things work!

  3. puter_dr profile image86
    puter_drposted 6 years ago

    I feel like far too many people go for it on impulse. Marriage and divorce equally.
    I feel like marriage is a commitment that you should try to work through.  I see far too many young couples marry, then divorce and say "it just wasn't as fun as I expected"Good marriages usually don't just happen, They take effort.
    That being said, situations of abuse should not be tolerated, and divorce should be a tool to use for a spouse that abuses and cannot change.

  4. skeeter747 profile image59
    skeeter747posted 6 years ago

    I think they should raise the cost of marriage to around 2.000 dollars . Divorce should be around 5.000 dollars. If they would do that then more people would have to try to work it out.. In the world today people jump in and out of marrige to fast. I have been married for almost 15 years and have worked through everything. the Bible has help me , but a lot of people don't go by the Bible . So there for maybe raisin the price would help them.

  5. heart4theword profile image78
    heart4thewordposted 6 years ago

    My take on this is that, if a person takes time to get to know the other person much better, before deciding to get married.  Being able to see and experience your potential spouse in as many moods, responses and reactions is a good thing...prior to marriage.  Remember if there are any issues or irritations before marriage, most likely it will be more intense after marriage.  I think with these things in mind, that it could lessen the divorce rate.  When red flags come up in your dating relationship...address them, even seek a counselor if needed...but get it worked out prior to walking down the  aisle...if it doesn't, then let go and move on.

  6. dashingscorpio profile image88
    dashingscorpioposted 6 years ago

    If we strip away the emotional pain and often financial turmoil from the process then a divorce is nothing more than acknowledging a mistake has been made. Either one or both people have determined they need to change course in order to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

    The purpose of such things as divorce, bankruptcy, and amendments is to offer us an opportunity to have (a second chance) or make a modification. Even with our legal system we allow the majority of people who have committed crimes  to get out of jail as some point in their lives.

    Making mistakes from time to time is part of being human.  Forcing someone to be stuck (for the rest of their life) with a decision they made at age 19, 21, or whenever is to limit that person’s ability to learn, evolve, and grow as an individual.

    No one gets married (planning to get divorced) but it’s good to know the law allows us the option to get out if we discover we’ve made a big mistake in our selection of a mate.
    If there were no such thing as divorces I imagine there were would be fewer people taking a chance on marriage. Unlike skeeter747   I believe a marriage license should be $10,000 and divorce should be FREE. The price would not be set to discourage marriage but rather to encourage “serious thought” BEFORE taking the plunge. As for the “free exit” you don’t normally have to pay a fee to leave an event.
    heart4theword's comment rings very true. A lot of people don't invest the time needed to get to (really know) their mates before getting married or they get married for the wrong reasons.
    Awhile back I wrote a hub titled “5 Reasons Why Men Should Not Get Married”.  It could be applied to women as well.
    http://hubpages.com/hub/5-Reasons-Men-S … et-Married

  7. Felixedet2000 profile image58
    Felixedet2000posted 6 years ago

    Divorce is simply braking up of married couple, my feel is that, it shows the couple were not very compatible they still hold their diverse views and opinions about life.

  8. your cybersister profile image60
    your cybersisterposted 6 years ago

    I agree with the "make it harder to get married in the first place" theme that seems to be going on here.  If you had a longer waiting period before you could get or even apply, for a marriage license (where I live it's only three days and they will waive that for nearly any reason), and it cost more money (last I checked here it was only $125), and some sort of counselling was required (not suggested) maybe so many people wouldn't be jumping into marriage so quickly.  In
    Florida a marriage license, although a little more expensive, is easier to get than a driver's license! 

    I don't like divorce.  I've been through it. There are no winners.  However, if one married the wrong person and
    had no legal recourse there would be only losers.  Some marriages can't be fixed and divorce is the only chance for the individuals involved to survive and eventually thrive.  Staying together "for the children" doesn't really work, staying civil "for the children" atleast has a chance.