How to make/allow a woman to become emotionally attracted to a man ?

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  1. lukeuk profile image65
    lukeukposted 11 years ago

    How to make/allow a woman to become emotionally attracted to a man ?

    This question is asked with the thought in mind that the woman is VERY EMOTIONLESS generally , in fact more than some men I know!

    [But she is straight]

    She's constantly flirty but seems to want no more ?

    ---I have the physical attraction in the bag, but how do I gain emotional attraction to a very emotionless woman---

  2. lovelife08 profile image60
    lovelife08posted 11 years ago

    You can't MAKE a woman become emotionally attracted to you.  If she gets to the point of having feelings for you, it will happen on its own.  The more you push her to like you, the more you will push her away.

  3. Cardisa profile image88
    Cardisaposted 11 years ago

    You can't assume that because a woman is not emotionally attached to you that she is 'emotionless'. That is an insult to her. If she is emotionless why would you want to be with her?

  4. jdomingo profile image60
    jdomingoposted 11 years ago

    don't know how accurate this is but this is what I've learned from personal experience...if you, as a guy, are trying to sway a woman into 'liking' you emotionally you my friend are still incomplete.

    Just as most others are saying here you can not make a woman do anything she doesn't want to...and trying to figure "it" out is not going to help.  My suggestion quit trying to make women do anything at all just let them be and if they are attracted to you they will come to you.  As a fellow male I've learned the less you try the more chances you will have with the ladies.  Confidence is key friend if she's interested in you she will show it if not then she won't and you can just be friends....because frankly you can NEVER have too many female friends just don't be a d-bag and you should be fine.

  5. czyka_tumaliuan profile image60
    czyka_tumaliuanposted 11 years ago

    Here is my answer: "How to Make the Woman of Your Dreams Emotionally Attached to You"... Check it out and tell me what you think smile … hed-to-You

  6. BizGenGirl profile image91
    BizGenGirlposted 11 years ago

    There is a time in every mans life when he will run into a woman who seems beyond emotionally distant. She might seem emotionless all together, or simply seem to lack any valuable emotions around the man who wants to capture her heart. Essentially,... read more

  7. ii3rittles profile image83
    ii3rittlesposted 11 years ago

    It's not that she's emotionless... We all have emotions. She probably has been deeply hurt in her life, either in her childhood or from another man. She has her wall up and she doesn't want anyone to come in, even if she is attracted to a man. Try talking to her heart to heart. You need to earn her trust, once you do, she may open up to you.

  8. zzron profile image57
    zzronposted 11 years ago

    I think this will answer your question.      … atch-Video

  9. Borsia profile image39
    Borsiaposted 11 years ago

    Well as others said you can't make someone. male or female, become attracted to you. If she is completely indifferent she probably just isn't interested.

    But for myself meeting a woman who I am attracted to I start by not trying to use any pick-up or corny introduction lines. I approach her just like I would anyone else and start a conversation about whatever pops up. Then steer the conversation to things that she is interested in. It is better to be a great listener than a great talker. It is far better to be engaged in conversation then just spraying out words.
    If we have something in common it will show up pretty quickly.

    If the first attempt at a conversation doesn't start up I just move on. If she has any interests she will show it.

    Don't act too interested, even if you are, don't drown her in compliments, I usually don't make any at first. Have the attitude that you can take her or leave her.

    Before you take what I say too seriously I will point out that I am still single.

  10. moneycop profile image60
    moneycopposted 11 years ago

    Its not a game dear, if you are sicere and inlove your emotions will bind her automatically not to think about that so much...just fall in her and get her

  11. stunnercold profile image75
    stunnercoldposted 11 years ago

    It might not be possible, you need to find someone else.

  12. profile image55
    elliegouldingposted 11 years ago

    Girls love it when boys pay attention to them. So always look her way and flirt! She will most likely notice you and "check you out". Don't wear too much cologne! And always be yourself! Hope this helped ya!

  13. s.wilson profile image60
    s.wilsonposted 11 years ago

    There is more to this woman if she seems to be emotionless.  Odds are she experienced some sort of abuse or traumatic experience that has left her shaken in her self view.  It could be that she no longer feels safe because of an incident.  She may have been led to beieve that she has no value as a woman.  She may also have been betrayed by a very important guy in her life, so she has a problem with attachment to guys in general. Or she may have learned taht emotional connections aren't anythign to be valued.  Whatever the case, there is usually a reason for emotional distance.

    If you want her to value you, you will need to be yourself.  If you turn out to be something other than what you pretend to be, you could do more harm than good. 

    If she doesn't like you emotionally, and she never will, at some point you will need to accept that.  You may be a friend that is willing to support her, but a relationship beyond that may not be possible until she conquers her own demons.

  14. Lisa HW profile image62
    Lisa HWposted 11 years ago

    Without knowing more than what you've said here, I think she's either engaging in meaningless flirting (maybe because it makes her feel good about her ability to get a guy to flirt back), or else she's just being nice (the way she'd be nice to anyone, including another woman, a child, whoever) and you've mistaken her friendliness for flirting.

    OR, she could be a woman who is flirting and "means it" and is either no above using you, or else not above having a meaningless relationship.  In fact, she could be a person who "plays games" and/or isn't above using you for her own purposes.

    None of these scenarios, to me, point to there being anything you can ever do to "make/allow" such a woman to be "emotionally attracted to" you.  I'd say either take things as they are, or else drop it (your wish to make more of the relationship) or drop her.

    She's either attracted to you or not.  End of story.  She may have emotions but doesn't want you "in on them", or she may, in fact, be as "emotionless" as you think she is (in which case she's someone with "issues", and there's no point in  your wanting to bring those "issues" into your own life).  The world is full of women.  I'd say to find one who doesn't create the impression to you that she's "emotionless".  Best case:  she just doesn't see you in the way you wish she did.  Worst case:  She's a can of worms and best left for someone else to deal with/worry about.   hmm

  15. profile image0
    thapameposted 11 years ago

    Making someone specially a woman or female emotionally attracted towards you is very complicated without learning her behaviors, past indecent or her habits. The first thing comes beyond everything is Trust & Being in Touch.

  16. profile image0
    ThomasRydderposted 11 years ago

    I'll say two things to start off:
    1. If you EVER get to the point that you can MAKE  a woman do something, then you're way ahead of every other man on this planet.
    2. You are to be commended for wanting something past physical attraction.

    As to your quandry, why don't you just try being her friend? At the risk of sounding inane, friendship is where is should all start anyway. Perhaps she doesn't trust easily, show emotion right away, or has been deceived. Go to coffee, out with a group, give her space and let her get to know you, while you do the same with her. No rush, no pressure, have fun..she'll know you're interested, trust me. Emotions and trust from women aren't something you's something they give.

  17. happychappyjb profile image60
    happychappyjbposted 11 years ago

    Che Che Che, You have to be the Man for the woman to feel secure around you. If you are too insecure about yourself that will not happen. If you can handle your own emotions, you can handle her emotions. Thats how girls think.

    On the contrary women are very emotional creatures even if they seem emotionless, they are probably trying to put up a straight face. Inside they are all made of pink fluff and not always may be, but every now and then want to feel feeble.

    My advice to you will be just be yourself and be self secure and self assured and she will feel the comfort of your presence and not just your apparent looks by what I have gathered from what you have written. Also if you try too hard that puts girls off, just like if a girl would try too hard to get to you. You would think that they are too needy, lack of self esteem or even lack of self believe or confidence, leech, drain of your energy etc etc. Thats exactly what they think about you if you do this.

    If all else fails think of someone who was mean to you and think what would they do in that situation.

    Joke, keeping her respect. That shows that you have some control of your life.

    Hope this help...

  18. profile image0
    reeltaulkposted 11 years ago

    To answer your question...first off you know nothing about this woman.  All that you know is what she wants you to know or doesn't feel is that important to refrain from "sharing".  If she hasn't "shared" whatever it is that you seek, move on.  Don't get caught up in the hype.  To begin to play or get caught up in her game will only set you up as if caught up in a spiders web.  As a mAtter of fact you already are!!! Emotions are usually expressed when one is being honest or playing games, don't get caught up in the latter.  Usually a woman that comes off that way knows exactly what she wants in a man or woman. She knows like she knows her name exactly what she wants. More than likely she is coming off like she doesntlikewhatshe really likes.  There is no fair or honesty in playing games.

  19. c1234rystal profile image61
    c1234rystalposted 11 years ago

    First of all, you can't say that this woman is less emotional than a man and she's straght! I get so tired of hearing these steryotypes. Maybe she just doesn't want to get emotionally involved and that's it. All people have different personalities. But, it sounds like she won't want to get emotionally involved, at least any time soon. I would move on from a person you're this unsure about or let her make the first move in the relationship department.

  20. vianasya profile image62
    vianasyaposted 11 years ago

    I think you should use your heart. Just simple advice from me, be nice, be honest, give her a sincere attention on what she likes most. Soon in time, if you're lucky, perhaps she can really be emotionally attracted to you. But if not, go get someone else. smile

  21. ithabise profile image75
    ithabiseposted 11 years ago

    It's not in your power to make her emotionally attracted to you. You can only be the person you are; it's up to her if to become attached to you. Don't change yourself and become something you're not. You are acceptable as you are (as long as you're not nurturing bad habits). If she's not the one for you, move on and don't waste your time.

  22. alphagirl profile image72
    alphagirlposted 11 years ago

    talk to her and listen. Most men do not listen very well because they are hormonally driven. Listen to the details too. Do you know what her favorite dessert is? book? movie? The little things count. What about the little things that irk her.
    Ask her questions about her relationship with her dad. That can give insight as to understanding her and why she is emotionless. Are her parents emotionless?

  23. messias6 profile image55
    messias6posted 11 years ago

    The shortest way to the heart of a woman's smile! If you do smile, sooner or later she will notice how good it is to be near you, and so it might be a feeling!
    Another important thing is to say what you feel! For if she begins to see you as a friend, you will hardly be able to make her feel attracted to you.

  24. VolvoInfotech profile image65
    VolvoInfotechposted 11 years ago

    There is no woman in the world who is emotionless.

    To attract her emotionally you need to first understand they way she lives then you can understand her emotions. The technique or method you can try is basically what is the like and dislike of a woman.

    Generally every woman has a dream or an area which is empty in their life, you just need to find that and then you can attract any woman easily.

    It always depends how you understand them.

  25. mariahbernt864 profile image60
    mariahbernt864posted 11 years ago

    Ask her emotional questions, but don't start off with too deep of questions. Build up her trust first then go deeper.

    Good luck wink women are a mystery


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