Is how a dad treats his daughter important to her choice of life partners?

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  1. K9keystrokes profile image88
    K9keystrokesposted 10 years ago

    Is how a dad treats his daughter important to her choice of life partners?

  2. Seek-n-Find profile image72
    Seek-n-Findposted 10 years ago

    Yes!!!  She will likely choose based on her experiences with her father.  Especially if the relationship is damaging, her wounds will likely impair her ability to choose a partner based on a healthy understanding of what "men are supposed to be like."  This would make a great Hub!

  3. profile image0
    mikeq107posted 10 years ago

    Seek and find said it well...two thumbs Up :0)

    Mike :0)

  4. homesteadbound profile image83
    homesteadboundposted 10 years ago

    I definitely think it makes a huge difference. My father was an abusive alcoholic. Most guys that I dated also had issues with alcohol or drugs, except one - the one I married. Although at the time he was not as "fun" as the others were, I knew what kind of life I did not want to have and chose well. 31 years later I am still married.
    My younger sister have taken a different route. They both have issues with chemical dependencies and have been married to several men who were abusive and had chemical dependency issues of their own.
    I know that I was lucky, but it was a choice I had to purposefully make, because it would have been easy to take the other route.

  5. angela p profile image71
    angela pposted 10 years ago

    My father beat my mother and ran around on her the entire time he was around.  Every step father I had did the same thing.. and there was 5 of them.  All of this has affected my life tremendously when it comes to men.  I don't trust.  Every man I came in contact with as a child was not a good influence or did bad things.  So I would say it definately affects how a woman chooses and deals with partners.

  6. sholland10 profile image88
    sholland10posted 10 years ago

    My abusive, alcholic father was never in the picture, but I was the little sister to a big family who really filled in the gap. I had/have great brothers and brothers-in-laws who made an impression on my choice in husband.  I got a good one, too. With us and our daughter and because my husband is a good dad, we always said, "The more time you spend with her as a good dad, the less time she will spend in a backseat."  I think it has worked so far.  She is eighteen and has made good choices in the boys she's dated. 

    My mother was a good influence on me too by telling me what I should look for in someone I would married.  She didn't make a good choice and didn't want me to go through the same experience. 

    Parenting is hard but worth it. And, yes, this would make a great hub!!

  7. NessaMetharam profile image60
    NessaMetharamposted 10 years ago

    Yes. Whenever I think about my future, I pray that I get to marry a guy just like my dad. I'm very thankful because I found one who's exactly like him.. even though he doesn't wanna admit it. The way he cares and treats me is exactly like how my dad treats me. Both caring and loving.

  8. Deborah Brooks profile image61
    Deborah Brooksposted 10 years ago

    yes.. it does make a difference.. I had a good father.. he was a war hero.. he didn't drink or if he did very little. He had other issues.. but I see it all the time. in families that the father was an alcoholic and abusive and most of them end up in the same relationship liked their parents were in. very sad..

  9. Little Light profile image74
    Little Lightposted 10 years ago

    Yes it does. How a father treats his daughter is everything to her growth, self-esteem and happiness in life. If a woman feels more confident in herself and her abilities due to a positive upbringing I believe she will be more likely to have the courage to make the right choice when it comes to her life partner.

  10. Leaderofmany profile image59
    Leaderofmanyposted 10 years ago

    I say yes, I chose my first husband that was same as my father, same name and everything. It worked out badly. I think that the daughter needs to determine how that relationship is going to effect her choice before choosing that partner.

  11. profile image34
    LORD ENKIposted 10 years ago

    Not near as important as it is for her to observe how her potential choice treats hie own MOTHER.How a guy treats his mother is EXACTLY how he will treat a woman in his life!!!! If your smart you'll bear these facts in mind.

  12. juiwei2000 profile image59
    juiwei2000posted 10 years ago

    It definitly can have an influence, and not only to women, but men too.  You frequently see men, who has a great relatioship with their mother and think their mother to be a great mum, ended up with women who has many charactristic in common with their own mother, on the other hand, if a man think his mum is a crappy mother, his partner, would be very different from his own mother.  Same apply to woman, their father would definitly influence how they choose in man, due to their experience with him

  13. jeanniedoe profile image55
    jeanniedoeposted 10 years ago

    A best dad has a very good taste in choosing a right partner for his daughter. He will be strict at first but sooner if he found out that the partner to be of his daughter is responsible enough and love her truly then he will surely allow her to marry him.

  14. formosangirl profile image69
    formosangirlposted 10 years ago

    My father was very controlling with the entire family. I made sure that I found someone who valued my opinions.

    My daughter has a great relationship with my husband. She has spunk. I don't think she would put up with anyone who treats her badly, after having such a great relationship with her father.

  15. THEHuG5 profile image58
    THEHuG5posted 10 years ago

    Absolutely. I have always been close with my dad and he has set a high standard for how I will let guys treat me. With me being used to being treated with respect and kindness, I don't expect anything less from the person I am dating.

  16. laurathegentleman profile image69
    laurathegentlemanposted 10 years ago

    Oh. My. Goodness. Yes. Research actually shows that women choose their husbands based off of the relationships they had with their fathers. It fits into that whole Oedipus complex - where a girl wants to marry someone exactly like their fathers. (It works both ways, though - if a girl has a loving, wonderful father, she is more likely to wait for a loving, wonderful husband. If a girl has an absent, cruel, or uncaring father, she has no role model and she's more likely to take the first guy who comes along and shows an interest.)

    I am blessed with a loving, caring father, and I know that one day I'll find a guy just as great to be a loving and caring father for my children!

  17. eliserenee profile image61
    elisereneeposted 10 years ago

    I have to agree with most of the answers for this question- yes, a father has a tremendous impact on his daughter's choice in future partners. I just got married 3 months ago to a man I was with for 4 years. He is my best friend and I fell in love with him because he had many of the wonderful traits that my amazing father does. However, my dad isn't perfect and has flaws, so I think another thing that attracted me to my husband was that he possessed some of those traits that my father didn't have as strongly. I believe it goes both ways.

  18. Robert Erich profile image81
    Robert Erichposted 10 years ago

    It turns out that the entire tone of a high school is based on the senior guys. Both men and women (or sons and daughters) look up to men in their lives. This is why it is important to encourage men to become great - their influence can change the direction of countless lives.

  19. Millionaire Tips profile image92
    Millionaire Tipsposted 10 years ago

    Absolutely - a girl derives her feeling of worth as a partner from the way her father and other male models in her life treat her.  If they treat her badly, she feels that that is how she deserves to be treated.

    How men treat her mother is also important.  If men treat the mother badly, especially the father, then she may feel that that is a normal thing for women to be treated that way.

    It is important for a girl to have a father figure who shows her that she should be valued and treated well.  That she deserves to be able to voice her opinion and have it matter.

  20. fpherj48 profile image61
    fpherj48posted 10 years ago

    I happen to believe a Dad's relationship with his daughter(s) has MUCH to do with her choices of her partner.....because it surely has always been for me.  Sadly, I discovered the hard way a few times, that I "saw things," in a particular man that appeared to be so very similar to my Dad, only to discover later, he was not at all that man.....and thus was not a LIFE partner.  I can admit this  is a double-edged sword.  I've often wondered, do we CONSCIOUSLY look for traits in men that are like (or UNlike) our fathers?  In cases where a little girl grows up really close to her Dad and becomes his No. 1 adoring fan, it would be next to impossible for any man in her life to live up to such an image.

  21. Ruglovermary profile image62
    Ruglovermaryposted 10 years ago

    ABSOLUTELY! to a point. In my own experience with a father who was not affectionate or supportive my choice of men were also ones who were not affectionate and where dominating.
    It wasn't until I was in my late 20's when I started to figure out what type of man I wanted to be with, that I became aware of my pattern. In March of 2000 I meet my ideal man. We had such an amazing connection that after meeting him I compared every other man to him. We were not able to be together because he was married and lived on the other side of the country.
    I was lucky enough to become aware of my reasons for choosing the men I did and being strong enough to stop the cycle.
    I know that if my dad was more supportive of me and that I knew I could've trusted him to keep me safe then my relationships with men would have been better.

  22. stariswhoiam profile image61
    stariswhoiamposted 10 years ago

    If a dad treats a daughter badly, the daughter can grow up having a bad relationships with partners. Maybe they choose partners that would abuse them because they never got past the trauma of their father abusing them. Maybe they aren't as connected to their partner as they can be, because they were never that connected to their dad. Or, the daughter could rise above being treated badly by their father, and choose good life partners.
    If a dad treats their daughter with love and respect, that could inspire them to find life partners that treat them with love and respect.

  23. creativebutterfly profile image61
    creativebutterflyposted 10 years ago

    For sure as the father figure is a role model for what a father, husband and man are therefore a daughter looks for that type of model in a man as she thinks that is how a man behaves.   Obviously if you are consciously aware of a bad male role model then you may look for the opposite.


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