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What's a great way to meet a significant other?

  1. amymarie_5 profile image87
    amymarie_5posted 6 years ago

    What's a great way to meet a significant other?

    I mostly meet guys online. What's another great way to meet someone?

  2. MichaelJReyes profile image57
    MichaelJReyesposted 6 years ago

    Since your in Chicago, I will say on the El. My friend is single and I believe he rides the red line.

    But the best place in my opinion to meet a significant other is at the day to day places you go, the store, super market, mall etc. Work even.

  3. jellygator profile image92
    jellygatorposted 6 years ago

    I think taking classes on interesting subjects is a good way to meet people that have at least one similar interest.

    Also, if you normally are meeting men online, attend the singles functions that are offered through Plentyoffish.com. Both men and women attend them, and if you make friends with the women they'll sometimes introduce you to people they think would make a good match for you.

    Your friends may know someone, too, if you ask them to keep an eye out.

  4. lburmaster profile image83
    lburmasterposted 6 years ago

    By not expecting it and keep everyone as a possibility.
    One day after two months of being single, I took my car to the shop. The mechanic working on my car gave me his number and we started a relationship a month later. Two years later and we are still dating and in a strong relationship. We still surprise each other, enjoy the same foods, love the same movies (though he refuses to watch a few girly movies like Titanic or Sense and Sensability).
    When I shut up because I think he isn't listening, he gets concerned about why I'm not blabbing about my boring day. When he want's to be, he can be a philosopher and he is even better at reading people than me, the psychology major (which makes me doubt the profession I seek). We both have our ups and downs (his tendency to annoy people and my tendency to be too independent), but we get though it and it has turned out very well from two people meeting on the street.