If someone breaks your trust, what do they have to do to regain it?

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  1. FlowOfThought profile image61
    FlowOfThoughtposted 9 years ago

    If someone breaks your trust, what do they have to do to regain it?

  2. Vibhavari profile image71
    Vibhavariposted 9 years ago

    Trust is such a basic ingredient for any relationship to work. I believe that all of us come to earth with some lessons to learn. We pick the lessons, we pick the players and the universe delivers the scenes and situations. When we have our trust broken, we go through the agony, despair and oscillate between tears and anger, wondering how you will ever be able to forgive and trust that person again...and that may be the very lesson you came here to learn. read more

  3. profile image0
    Lizam1posted 9 years ago

    Depends on the level of trust that is broken.  If this happens certainly a conversation that is open and honest and addressed how and why this happened and what will prevent it from happening again.  I have a line that is non reversable that is based on ethics and values - once past that point there is NO return.

  4. alisha4u profile image41
    alisha4uposted 9 years ago

    Trust once broken is probably the most difficult thing to regain....

  5. Mmargie1966 profile image91
    Mmargie1966posted 9 years ago

    I agree with alisha4u.  Once a trust is broken, it is very difficult to regain.  It takes an extremely long time, if it happens at all.

    My point:  Don't break my trust in you, period.

    I can forgive...but I won't forget.

  6. shadowspyro99 profile image59
    shadowspyro99posted 9 years ago

    Breaking trust is important a lot of my friends broke my trust multiple times, the only problem is that I did it to them back just to show them how I felt, and now I hardly now them because I hurt them just as bad that we hardly even talk know and thanks to one friend who still talks to me and encourages me I am able to keep going, if I were you I would talk to them and ask them why they broke there trust, and try to see if you can show some sympathy to them trust me its hard to show such things because you feel like as though they don't care about you at all, when in a misunderstanding they probably do so I would talk to them and see why they did it and try to ask them is it worth being friends, because now these days being friends is more important then anything, to regain it, well I would try to have them see how hurt you are and make them guilty enough to say sorry because just being caught is probably enough punishment to them then anything.

  7. Lisa HW profile image65
    Lisa HWposted 9 years ago

    It would depend what they did and the circumstances involved.  If they did something out of not knowing any better and seemed to later understand where they messed up (or any number of other circumstances), they may not have to do much to regain my trust (or at least regain it to a certain extent).

    If they knew what they were doing and/or if it was out of having no respect for me or my feelings there'd be nothing they could do to regain my trust.  I might decide to let whatever they did go, or even to forgive them for the most part.  I would/could never, however, trust some people who did some kinds of things EVER again.

    Most of the time, I think most betrayals of trust are not innocent, and not out of something innocent (like not knowing any better).  Most, I think, are more likely to come from ego and/or from loyalty to someone/something other than the person betrayed.

  8. bmukherjii profile image60
    bmukherjiiposted 9 years ago

    I think in some cases it can not be restored. For example: if they try to do any serious damage regarding any close relationship of mine, as well as career or financial matters then I will never forgive them. may be i will not express that always, but I shall try to avoid them or stop telling anything very personal about myself.

  9. shanaya profile image60
    shanayaposted 9 years ago

    It's hard to regain my trust if you broken it once and most of the people does the same thing by not allowing that person to hurt you again. So he/she shall try harder to win my trust again, and it depends on his/her effort.                                       Respect Shu:)


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