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My question is about love, friendship,trust,loyalty

  1. unmei1128 profile image60
    unmei1128posted 3 years ago

    My question is about love, friendship,trust,loyalty

    how could you love a person who betrayed you (this could be your partner,your family, your friend, etc) not once, not twice, but thrice? explained your answer

  2. DDE profile image27
    DDEposted 3 years ago

    A relationship is not only about love without trust you don't anything of value in your relationship. Both partners must work hard to keep their relationship if only works toward a trustworthy relationship then walk away.

  3. dashingscorpio profile image88
    dashingscorpioposted 3 years ago

    unmei1128, Not all betrayal rises to the level of treason!
    Maybe you shared something personal with a sibling or family member and later you discovered they told someone else....Would you stop loving them? Most likely the answer is "no".
    Essentially what we learn is what not to confide in people as they reveal parts of themselves. Some folks simply can't keep ANY secrets!
    I feel it's understandable to continue to love someone once you know what you can and cannot trust them with. Not all friends and family members have to be in your "inner circle". 
    However when it comes to betrayal which involves cheating in a marriage or relationship that is often a "deal breaker" for most people. Generally speaking you don't enter into an "exclusive" or "monogamous" relationship with someone in order to share them with others. More often than not your mate would have misled you concerning their whereabouts, who they were spending time with, how they feel about you, or told you they only want to be with you....etc Cheating and lying tend to go hand in hand.
    Another reason why cheating is a deal breaker is one's mate has put them at risk for potential STDs. Human beings are also visual creatures and it can be very difficult NOT to picture one's mate doing various intimate things and moaning pleasurable sounds with others.
    One has to examine (their criteria) for trusting people. Some people automatically trust everyone until they are proven wrong. That is not a healthy way to approach relationships. Trust like respect should be (earned) overtime and not just given away. Only after someone has demonstrated honesty and integrity over a (period of time) should you gradually trust them.
    Ultimately (you) are responsible for (choosing) which people to trust!

  4. m abdullah javed profile image80
    m abdullah javedposted 3 years ago

    What you feel is the other side story of your relationship, thats quite bitter, analyse your role, if found your faults rectify, if not move ahead dont stick to a relationship that does not provide solace to your heart. You are born with your independence, the moment you lose your freedom problem arises. Take bold decision and be a woman of your heart. All the best for your future unmei.