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CAPRICORN 2010 Forecast

Updated on September 27, 2010

2010 Forecast for CAPRICORN

December 22 – January 20

Lucky Numbers: 35, 36, 40

Lucky Dates: 12th of April, 13th of June, 24th of November

Capricorn, don’t waste your precious time on things that are not essential to your long term goals. Jupiter gives you a wake-up call and you will be urged to seek guidance. Negotiations may be in order. Make sure you communicate your truths clearly and forcefully. Make sure what you say goes.

So many things are set to change for you this year Capricorn and your love life is one of them. Your sense of self is coming to the fore and this will attract love into your life. Focus on yourself and see what blooms all around you.

Things you’ve set in motion last year will continue. You will find a little more zest, energy and enthusiasm for your project as the feedback and positive results prove to you that it is a worth-while venture. Keep up the good work Capricorn!

February and March see Mercury prompted sharp-minded and decisive thinking. Use these energies when making decisions and be firm in them once they are made.

During May and June, old relationship issues may resurface. It may cause you to do some inner searching in order for you to come to terms with who you really are and what you really want in your life, on all levels. This will encourage you to either re-commit and strengthen a current relationship, or pave the way for new love to enter your life.

Money issues are influenced by Neptune making matters a bit stagnant. Resist the urge to splurge and be thoughtful will all of your financials, particularly during the first part of 2010. Doing this will see you comfortably through to the end of the year as you will have balance out your finances suitably.

Think twice before spending hard-earned money on things that you know you don’t really need. Instead, buy the item when it is on sale or even second-hand. Do this and you will find yourself saving more. This in turn enables you to buy more rewarding things with your money.

Look out for a competition or contest win during August Capricorn.

Jupiter encourages you to expand your mind/awareness through self-improvement and education reading, study and practice. This will resonate with you and you will find that lots of things slip into place for you on an emotional level. You may find a greater level of self understanding which is imperative to positive personal growth

March and July are highlighted as high energy months for you Capricorn, and you are asked take up an exercise regime or schedule and look to eating fresh, natural foods over highly-processed alternatives. Spend some time out with nature when you can as this will calm your nerves and help uplift your mind and spirit.

Love and Light


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