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GEMINI 2010 Forecast

Updated on September 27, 2010

2010 Forecast for Taurus

May 22 – June 21

Lucky Numbers: 5, 9, 29

Lucky Dates: 11th of February, 15th of June, 29th of September

Success is on the near horizon for you this year Gemini, so make the most of Jupiter’s influence on your destiny or life path. Explore your own curiosity and look to opportunities that involve activity on both a physical and mental level. Use your natural attributes in a constructive and creative manner and you’ll find that things will flow your way. Balance will be the key for you this year Gemini.

In June your close relationships will be in focus. Be clear about how you feel and what you really want (and don’t want) in the relationship. Listen to your partner’s answers, and allow them to express themselves in return. You may find that you have more in common than you may have thought. It could turn out to be a time of greater shared intimacy and trust.

Thinking about what you say before saying it will help you enormously in your close relationships. Remember Gemini, think about what you say before you say it ...

May and November may feature extended family or distant relatives. You may have to eat humble-pie and make amends for some indiscretion in the past, but fear not as all will be forgiven.

Luck for you will come about through being at the right place at the right time Gemini. The Universe will see to it that you are precisely where you need to be when the right opportunities arise. A chance encounter with an old acquaintance or newcomer will see you finding or getting something you’ve been after for a long time now.

In February look to your investments, money and financial issues. You may find it advantageous to combine your assets with a trusted family member or partner in order to assure long term financial gain. Work out a suitable budget and stick to in during July and August, making sure to make regular savings along the way. You’ll be glad for that bit extra in the coming months as an important purchase or unexpected travel is due by the end of the year. You may need to help or support a loved one with some money matters in December.

You will be acknowledge for some excellent work you’ve done and your rewards will be plentiful. A promotion or new job could be offered to you. Take it Gemini. You deserve it.

June sees you spending some well-earned money on home renovations, redecorating or simply painting the walls of your bedroom. You’ll be looking for a fresh new look to suit your new attitude.

Pace yourself when overloaded or overburdened with work. Take time out to rest and recouperate in order to keep your active but sometimes scattered mind focused and clear. Look to your diet in January and August. Unhealthy food, overindulgence, late nights and stress do you no good at all, so make looking after yourself a priority.

Love and Light


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