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SCORPIO 2010 Forecast

Updated on September 27, 2010

2010 Forecast for SCORPIO

October 24 – November 22

Lucky Numbers: 25, 33, 36

Lucky Dates: 17th of January, 27th of March, 24th of October

Retrograde Venus will urge you to look to your self-esteem, which could probably do with a bit of sprucing up after the lessons of 2009 Scorpio.

Give yourself the time and personal space to freshen up your appearance and living environment, giving you a new lease on life and a fresh perspective.

Take time out to contemplate your inner-most desires, then take action in that direction. Ask yourself the tough questions. It’s time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back into the game of life Scorpio. Gather your energies and your knowledge, work out your plan, then go forth with confidence. There isn’t anything stopping you other than your own fears. Push them aside. You no longer need them (not that you ever really did!). Start creating the life you truly want Scorpio.

Allowing yourself to truly feel and express love will bring more love into your life Scorpio.

Your relationships come under the microscope during 2010 (particularly in June and October) and you may be called upon to make some difficult, but much needed, decisions. Weigh up and think about the sorts of influences you’d like to associate yourself with, and check to see if you are sticking to your own truths. There may be some associates in your life you are draining your energy and wasting your precious time, taking your focus from the important things, particularly your own path and life choices. It may be time to shed some negative energies around you, making room for better suited influences and opportunities. You may wish to connect with others on a deeper level, seeking more meaningful relationships all round. July and November may see you making commitments ... or deciding to approach a current relationship from a different angle.

Mars affects your money sectors in 2010 Scorpio, and you’ll be pressed to sort out official issues that are linked to other people’s money, such as joint investments or unsettled debts. 2010 is the year to sort out your financials once and for all, and you’ll be glad for this in the near future when you look to buy something of substance for yourself. You deserve a break Scorpio, so give yourself one!

Good luck comes to you in unexpected ways throughout the year, and this is because you are able to manifest it with your strong mind Scorpio. Put your focus on the positive and that is what you will receive in return.

You can increase your funds by thinking and doing with a positive outlook and attitude.

June and September see Jupiter in your health and wellbeing sectors and this will prompt you to focus on your self on all levels ... and it’s about time too! Make it a personal mission to take extra special care of yourself, always. Give yourself some time and space when you know you need it, and know that this will benefit you and others in more ways that you can imagine. Give yourself the time and energy to nurture and nourish yourself. You deserve it.

Love and Light


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