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The After Effects of An Alien Abduction

Updated on February 18, 2014

Beaming Up

The alien abduction can be as unpleasant for the victim as anything they have ever encountered.
The alien abduction can be as unpleasant for the victim as anything they have ever encountered.

A Documentary

Travis Walton's Story

The Abduction

As with any topic related to UFOs abduction does seem to spark a bit of controversy when it is brought up in any medium be it print or verbal communication. Countless people profess that they have, themselves, been abducted by beings not of this world. While countless make that claim even more are primed and ready to gun down the idea that alien abduction is a real and true occurrence. Some of these accounts generate attention for a few days, maybe a week or two and than fade into the file cabinets of researchers and UFO enthusiast to most likely never be seen again. Despite that sad and unfortunate fact some cases tend to stay around a lot longer. Cases like that of the alien abduction of Travis Walton have stood the test of time and the scrutiny of the scientific community.

It is we, the gifted, or touched, or even delusional depending on who you speak to, the paranormal investigator that has the burden of really devouring the information and making the judgement on whether or not what we are being told or shown holds water. In most cases it will hold water like a siv, but occasionally we do get that reinforced bucket that gives us a case we can really get into. One really disturbing aspect is as researchers into the UFO community we often forget to associate the victim of a UFO abduction as a person. We tend to drift and treat them as evidence in our attempt to prove or disprove something that remains a mystery for all of mankind.

We need to understand that with these experiences, be it a real legitimate case of alien abduction or a psychological cry for help, the people who contact us need us to be both scientific and compassionate. We need to be a researcher and a friend in many cases. Emotional, physical, and even in some extreme cases sexual trauma can and usually does follow the event of alien abduction. It weighs heavy on the victim and can cause them to suffer for great deals of time, sometimes their remaining years on Earth. It is our job to evaluate evidence and come to some conclusion but at the same time we need to be understanding of the issues we are presented with. Let's take a more detailed look at some of these ongoing effects and how we can deal a little better with them.

The Fear Effect

This is a troubling part of alien abductees that can crush their spirit really quick. The victim of an alien abduction may develop fears that were not present prior to their experience. These fears become phobias and can cripple the person socially. The primary fear most seen in cases of alien abduction is that of tight confined spaces. Often called claustrophobia. This fear seems to come from the containment used while the victim was in the possession of the beings who originally abducted them.

Fear of heights and the dark are also fairly common in victims of alien abduction and seem to span from various experiences during the person's time with the other worldly beings. These phobias seem to appear overnight and without any deal of warning. It can really affect a person to be able to fly and travel one day and than wake to find your front porch is high enough to send you into a cold sweat. People who work in mines and underground may wake to find they are terrified of the dark. These phobias are very hard to endure.

Medical Procedures May Cause These Ill Effects

Alien medical testing may very well be why victims of abduction start exhibiting physical ailments
Alien medical testing may very well be why victims of abduction start exhibiting physical ailments

The Three "Head" Injuries

In many, but not all alien abduction cases, several head related injuries or illnesses began to take place shortly after the initial abduction event. These include frequent nosebleeds, severe headaches, and painful ear infections. Often time the ear infections and headaches will be followed by a strange humming or buzzing sound that radiates with intensity alongside the pain.

Many researchers have speculated these are a direct result of some form of medical research or procedure that may have been conducted on the individual while they were abducted. Nosebleeds tend to last for minutes and in a great deal of the cases I have read or worked on the blood seems thicker than usual and often will contain tints of other colors than the typical ones found in human blood. This is a scary thought for a great deal of the people who experience this and often sparks fear that they may die as a direct result of the ailments suffered due to their alien abduction.

The ear infections that often follow and abduction case seem to be generated by probes that may have been inserted into the ear cavities of victims and may end after a few weeks or in some cases they have remained a part of the victim's life until death. No formal medical treatment seems to subside the pain experienced and no amount of anti-biotics seem to phase the infection.

Headaches range from small throbbing pain in the frontal area all the way to severe migraines and even what is dubbed the black out syndrome. This is when a headache is so severe that the person suffering it literally blacks out to combat the pain. These black outs can last seconds, minutes, and some have been recorded that lasted more than a few hours. These blackouts are also reported during the actual abduction often times thought to be the body suppressing what has happened.

A Missing Time Story

Missing Time

Victims of alien abduction often report segments of time that are gone from their memory. They may be driving down a street and suddenly they find themselves parked by a roadside diner and 20 minutes have passed and they have no real recollection where this time went and how they spent it. Memory loss and time loss are two of the most common, yet misunderstood aspects of the typical UFO abduction case. We really don't have a finite explanation for why this happens or even more importantly how it does. Some people assume the time loss is the result of "jet lag" from UFO travel. Others assume it is the end result of alien brain wave erasing devices similar to the neurolyser in MIB movies.

In a lot of cases hypnotism and the like have served to jog the memory again and start piecing back elements of the missing time. This is not always effective but when it is it usually paints a disturbing picture that may very well reflect just how much more superior these beings are than we are. The people who are abducted are often more scared of what may be hidden behind the shadows of that missing time than what their imagination can pour into it's void so they refuse to undergo any form of therapy that might replace that void with a clear cut picture of the events that have been erased.

A Typical Scar From An Abduction Victim

Alien Implant

Objects like this appear under the skin of some alien abduction victims.
Objects like this appear under the skin of some alien abduction victims.

Scars and Other Body Altercations

One of the most disturbing parts of an alien abduction case can be the appearance of scars and alterations on the human body that was abducted. Many alien abduction victims exhibit strange scars that are often times round or circular and are often done with what can only be described as surgical precision. Once again this is thought to be a direct result of medical procedures that may have been conducted by the abductor. These scars are often found to be fully healed and I have never managed to find a case where one of these odd little scars was to be found under the attack of any infection.

The scars are one issue but the bigger issue remains in what we refer to has implants. These are tiny objects that often appear under the skin of those who claim to have suffered an alien abduction. These implants range from small electronic devices with elaborate wiring all the way to small spherical objects that defy any known explanation. Some of these implants are made of steel or other earthly alloys while a few have been discovered that are void of components we can identify.

Implants are a huge part of the study of UFOs and in many ways are it’s strangest mystery. It is not known as to why thay are inside of the abductee but theories persist that claim they are tracking devices, tools to measure vital signs and even mind control devices. The reality is currently we just don’t know what these devices do and why they do it at all.

Other body alterations include holes in the abductee’s teeth that were not present prior to their abduction. These holes appear to be surgical and defy most technology we have today. Along with these holes some abductees have strange markings that are often found on the back of the neck or someone remote on their body. These are often looked at as cataloging methods but no one really knows for sure.

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Other Ill Effects

After an abduction the victim can become secluded and shun human contact. They may fear that their story will label them a freak or give them attention that is unwanted. They do not wish to be labeled crazy or eccentric so they shut themselves off from the outside world. There is also an element of shame involved. It is not to much unlike the behavior exhibited by a rape victim in which the person tries to cope by assuming this even happened because of something they did.

The sheer array of issues that can persist long after the abduction has happened is both mind boggling and terribly disturbing. Some people start to experience sleeping disorders such as insomnia or night terrors while others display eating disorders. Many victims of alien abduction have suffered from various sexual frustrations that lead to the ruin of a successful love life. Nervous break downs and the development of issues such as depression and adjustment disorder seem to be a mainstay in the life of an alien abduction victim.

This is why we, the investigators, need to look at each case in terms of more than the need for physical evidence. We need to express a true human concern for the people we meet. Even if their case is obviously a cry for attention, realize there must be something present that leads to that cry for attention. Be there for them and be ready to listen and if need be suggest where they may find help for these disorders that may appear after an abduction has taken place.
We work with a group of trained councilors who are always ready to talk to the people we interview and guide them to the road to recovery. Be ready to help abductees find the help they may need.


People are people and deserve to be treated as such no matter what the circumstances are. Remember that and when you conduct any investigation into UFO abductions keep that fact in mind. Treat these people no differently than you want to be treated. They have been through something that most of the general populous can not even comprehand let alone deal with. Until next time, happy hunting.


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