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UFO Travel Explained

Updated on December 23, 2015

UFO Files Litter The Net

How Do They Do It

Since man's first notice of UFOs, two key questions have been brought to the surface of man's thought.

What are UFOs?

How do they move the way they do?

We will not look at the first question in this article but will focus specifically on the second one. Science has concluded that if in fact UFOs are visitors from outer space they would have to defeat several obstacles to accomplish a trip to Earth. They would have to deal with the severe time restraint and the massive amount of distance that must be traveled.

Also how do we explain the amazing acrobatics displayed by UFOs in flight? The answers to these questions all form the basis of what it is that makes the flight patterns and directional ability of a UFO so much more advanced than our common aircraft here.

Many theories exist that seek to explain how these UFOs are capable of doing what they do. Some of these theories come from great minds like Steven Hawking, and others from the works of Bob Lazar. The sad part is we will never truly be able to know the validity of these theories until we actually have a craft to examine for ourselves.

Image 1

Wormholes will create a faster route to a selected destination.
Wormholes will create a faster route to a selected destination.

Defeating Time and Space

Space is large, so large that the human mind can not really perceive the distance that it contains. We would not even be able to visit each of our planets, if it were possible to do so in our life time merely because the time to travel those distances is more than the human life span. This has led some researchers to assume that aliens, unlike humans have enormously long life spans and that time is not an issue with them.

Some have gone as far as to say thousands of years, but I am not one to buy that story to easily. That leaves a very difficult question to answer. If aliens do not possess these long life spans than how do they accomplish space travel?

One theory is one that has been on the minds of scientist and paranormal researchers for some time in regards to the possibilities of time travel and that is wormholes. This theory basically states that a wormhole could act as a shortcut from one point to another and even in some theories create the ability to travel back or forward in time. Let's look at how a wormhole could be used as a shortcut within two separate points. First we have point A, a galaxy in the far reaches of space. My target is point B, a small planet in the Milky Way galaxy called Earth. We will roughly estimate the distance to be in excess of 1 billion light years. No human could make that travel, in fact several generations would even be an impossible task. This is how we would see that travel in terms of a simple illustration. (see image 1)


Sometimes we get a bit hung up on the classic phrase of the shortest distance between two objects is a straight line. What a worm hole does is eliminate that idea completely and creates a variation to that rule. Think Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. They make use of an improbability drive that opens all "doors" of the galaxy at the same time and travels each route possible simultaneously to reach a certain point. The worm hole does this but without opening all "doors", it simply opens the ones you need to have access to. The problem would be with a door this vast how does one possess a key. How would we know which worm holes went where and which led to certain death.

As you can see the wormhole severely shortens the distance between point A and B. An easy way to think of this is imagine you are playing Super Mario Brothers and you just went down a warp zone and now you go from level 1 to level 4 instantly without any real delay. The wormhole in terms is a warp zone. Armed with a knowledge of wormholes or even possibly the ability to create them, an alien craft would have unlimited access to the universe and any location within it. This would make our 1 billion light year journey take possibly as few as a couple of hours. While wormholes are still just theories this explanation works very well to show just how a UFO could make time and distance nothing more than words.

Beam Me Up Scotty was almost as common a phrase as What's up doc.
Beam Me Up Scotty was almost as common a phrase as What's up doc.

Beam Me Up

Another very old and very unproven theory is that of what I have come to call the "beam me up Scotty" theory. This is just has it sounds. The entire theory is based on the Star Trek TV series and the technology used to beam up crew members. It is in a sense similar to the wormhole theory but more technical. The alien would simply type in a coordinate and within the blink of an eye they are hovering over the location they desired. This would dramatically improve time and distance and even wear and tear on the alien's craft. Despite no real information to go on this has been a very commonly discussed theory among the UFO community. This has also been used to explain how aliens can appear within a person's bedroom without entering through a door or window. They could even in theory type the coordinates of a human being into the device and within seconds an abduction has occurred. I can't say I put to much faith behind this theory but it is an interesting thought.

The beam me up theory is one often used to explain those sightings in which the craft seemed to vanish without a trace.

Dark Side Of The Moon

The strangest and least likely to be true theory is that there is no great distance to travel at all. The aliens simply reside on nearby planets or moons. They get to Earth by way of super speed accelerators. This would mean Earth is not the only inhabited planet in the solar system or universe for that matter. That is anything but a new thought, in fact that has been the thought of billions of people for ages. Mars, of course is the planet a great deal of those who follow this theory that houses the aliens. The thought that Mars was an alien home planet had faded for some time but when NASA released images of the Mar's surface that seemed to reveal pyramids, and the face of the sphinx the interest in life on Mars grew as rapidly as it did in the 50s.

UFO Take off

UFO Propulsion

We now have looked at several possible ways that the complication of distance and time could be made simple or even removed from the picture entirely. Each theory in some way makes sense and does not make sense. We have tackled that issue but what about the advanced maneuverability these craft display in flight, even the way they allude radar and the naked eye. UFOs have been seen hovering silently, flying at break neck speeds and even looping about as a car doing doughnuts in a vacant parking lot. When looking for explanations to explain how they moved like they do when we have no grasp of the technology or design ability it would take to accomplish such areal acrobatics I did not have to look very far. I had already been familiar with the testimonies of Bob Lazar and the work he had claimed to be a part of with alien crafts. Lazar was supposedly called in to back engineer UFOs in hopes of learning just how they worked.

Bob Lazar was a propulsion expert and when called to work for the US military he had no idea just what he would be working with. Bob worked at the top secret military base S4. While at S4 he worked on several projects but the most important in terms of UFO research is the work he did looking at the propulsion system that allowed the UFO craft to fly the way it did. He was permitted to view a very close up session of a test flight of what he would call a flying saucer. That within itself would be an amazing experience but that was not the end of the fantastic work Bob would do. He saw several UFO craft in the hangers at S4, and to each he gave a nickname. One was a top hat shaped ship while one he claimed resembled a jell-o mold. The one of most interest was a sleek craft he dubbed the sports model. This was the craft Bob was allowed to enter in hopes of better understanding the mechanics of flight within the craft.

Image 2

The gravitational generators in the sport's model craft.
The gravitational generators in the sport's model craft.

The Gravity Amps

He had to hang upside down to view the bottom section of the UFO. Inside he saw what he described as three small pipes attached to larger pipes. these three objects were what he referred to as gravity amplifiers. This alone explains why UFO craft seem to hover within their own gravity while ignoring the gravity of Earth. Before I advance on the flight capabilities of the UFO, let's return for a moment to our earlier topic of time restraints.

Gravity in essence is closely related to time, and space. Time is in theory confined to gravity. In other words gravity controls, even creates time. Think of the Earth spinning on it's axis. The gravitational pull is what gives us each rotation and that in turns is what we base time on. With it's own gravity system a UFO could in a sense control the time frame within that gravitational pull. This would easily explain the time loss and gain abductees mention. Gravity also bends light and space. We can see the stars that are behind the sun because of the extremely strong gravitational pull the sun has. It bends space and light to make what is behind it visible. This would be a great way of explaining the UFO ability to remain undetected by radar and in a good deal of cases the naked eye. A great UFO example of this is the famous Phoenix Lights. These triangular craft would block out the light from the moon yet onlookers could see right through the craft at the stars. What they were seeing is the shifting of light as a result of the three gravitational amplifiers within the lower region of the craft.

That alone makes these advanced pieces of technology priceless. Imagine the maneuverability a craft with these devices would be capable of. To The right is an image of what Bob Lazar claims to have seen within the confines of the lower section of the sleek craft he called the sports model. (see image 2)

Each amplifier can be moved independently. This gives the craft an unlimited option of moving patterns and flight paths. We often think of propulsion in terms of jets which expel force outward to provide forward movement. According to Lazar these three devices work in an opposite fashion. Think about gravity. It is a force that pulls us downward and also pulls every thing within it toward the center point. To move forward Lazar says the craft simply puts an amplifier aimed forward to create a gravitational pull at the front of the craft. That is why we see UFOs moving at a slight slant. They are chasing a gravitational pull being generated to the front lower region of the ship. Depending on the force of the gravity the ship can move at slow speeds or mind numbing speeds not even thought of by the aviation experts of Earth. Lazar claims that many configurations work and of those he mentioned 2 specifically. The Omakron configuration which is to use one amplifier for take offs and the Delta position which makes use of all three of these powerful devices. The delta position is used for space travel.

An amazing feature is also that this system is remarkably quite and expels no waste as do our planes and aircraft. The craft simply has a static charge on takeoff and a halo of light that surrounds it do to the massive use of energy. Lazar goes on to say seeing these craft at night would basically look like a glowing ball.

If we are to believe Mr. Lazar and in all truth what he says seems to make sense and he does seem to be a very sincere. If his statements are true than we now have a great understanding of the inner workings of a UFO. I will leave you to decide for yourself.

Have you seen a UFO? Tell me all about it here.

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    • sparkster profile image

      Marc Hubs 

      4 years ago from United Kingdom

      I've been learning about the seven planes of existence, seven states of matter, etc. There do seem to be declassified documents which suggest this could be the case. When I "manifest" UFOs they seem to pop up from out of nowhere then disappear into thin air. I'm sure you've heard of US astronaut Brian O Leaey. He claims they have "co-rotating disc technology" which integrates with consciousness. Kind of ties in with Corso's information. They could be aliens who have learned how to utilize these principles or they could be something else such as higher dimensional beings. Of course, it's possible that both could exist.

    • lorddraven2000 profile imageAUTHOR

      Sam Little 

      4 years ago from Wheelwright KY

      Great thoughts my friend. The thought of multiple dimensions all joined by some fabric of existence has always intrigued me.

    • sparkster profile image

      Marc Hubs 

      4 years ago from United Kingdom

      From personal experience I'm beginning to think it has a more esoterical explanation which science hasn't caught up with yet but which studies into consciousness are beginning to figure out. More to do with planes of existence (etheric, astral, etc). I also believe it's consciousness-related. According to Ben Rich, former Director of Lockheed Skunk Works, the key to interstellar travel (and time travel) is ESP.

    • lorddraven2000 profile imageAUTHOR

      Sam Little 

      7 years ago from Wheelwright KY

      That is actually a thought I had and was going to use it but scrapped it at the last second. Thanks for sharing.

    • littlegreenwoman profile image

      Rina Rinard 

      7 years ago from Herrenberg Germany (today)

      Great article :) - I'd always considered that many of the UFOs of alien origin could be unmanned explorers - installed with superior AI programs, making them curious and capable of evasion and traveling in the same ways you've specified but without the worry of life support or whip lash. :)

    • lorddraven2000 profile imageAUTHOR

      Sam Little 

      7 years ago from Wheelwright KY

      Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

    • Geekdom profile image


      7 years ago

      Great Article! Vote Up and Interesting!


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