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What is more important to God?

  1. davidkaluge profile image39
    davidkalugeposted 5 years ago

    People say that no matter how good or right one can be or live, it won't be counted expect one follow a religious path of their choice. For instance, one must belief/worship Jesus for one to make it to heaven. This is what some people teach. Does it mean God does not bother if we do the right things but all he wants is for us to worship him or his son. Some Atheist are good yet they do not belief in God .

    1. pennyofheaven profile image81
      pennyofheavenposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      That is how some understand it yes, not all though. Inherent in all human beings is the ability to be good or bad, the choice is always ours. If one needs religion to help them make those decisions then so be it. Not everyone however needs religion to be good.

  2. paradigmsearch profile image93
    paradigmsearchposted 5 years ago

    Everybody makes up what their particular God is and does. There is no reason why you can't do the same. Seriously. smile

  3. ejjones0023 profile image60
    ejjones0023posted 5 years ago

    Nothing is more important that GOD !

    1. A Troubled Man profile image60
      A Troubled Manposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Everything is more important than God.

    2. pennyofheaven profile image81
      pennyofheavenposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      'Important' is a concept given meaning by the scholars. Everything/everyone is important.

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    brotheryochananposted 5 years ago

    Christianity is not a religion of works. It is not what a person can do to appease God or earn their way into what God has. The merit is not in the works or deeds or physical activities. There is quite simply nothing that we can do to garner our way to Gods good side, except, to do what he says to do and God left us a record, a book, that will exist throughout earths time ( a reason for the book) that tells us quite plainly how we enter into Gods favor.
    So no, it doesn't matter how many good things a person does, or how many animals they sell during tabernacles or how many street corners they yell through a bullhorn in an effort to save unsaved sinners.
    The base prerequisite is believing in God and then doing what He says; thereby entering into a relationship with God. Christianity is personal relationship based with the creator of all things - the God of the bible.

    1. A Troubled Man profile image60
      A Troubled Manposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      That is why good people who do good things are rarely if ever Christians.

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        brotheryochananposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        yet another blanket unfounded statement. I'LL JUST BRING ONE POINT to mind for your mind, if you don't mind. There are many free dinners here in my town and other towns indeed most of the towns and cities around here, victoria, nanaimo, vancouver, ladysmith, duncan, cobble hill etc who offer free meals monthly, there is even dinner on the ground - used to be called dinner on the mound but they moved the mound and put in a parking lot lol.. actually a building. They serve free dinners 3 times a week and a good size to i might add because i checked it out. Now who are behind all this? 7 christian churches. I haven't seen the banks put on a dinner or even the mayors office etc. but i know the movements of the churches, being connected to all 7 of them and aside from the free clothing, food hampers and life sustaining influence and physical help so i just have to stop myself from hurling when i hear more unsupported trash full of dishonesty vomit  without conscience from your mouth continually.
        Now as to good people. Good people only go so far. You might classify a good person as one who says hello to everyone as they walk down the sidewalk or lend someone five bucks just because they ask, or put some change in a buskers cup. You might even say that large companies donate to the underpriviledged, and that millionaires give money to charitable donations (do they get a tax reciept is a question we must ask when dealing with large amounts of money because that's how charitable donations work when involving amounts of money over such and such an amount) But my point will be that those good people and those companies and milliionaires will only go so far. Donating money is easy, its a cheque written a tax receipt accepted and that's that. But church people, people who are involved with God go beyond that. They go farther. They give without thought to receive. They take people into their homes. Spend time cooking as mentioned above etc.. so in order to really dissect your post would take so much more space but that will be wasted on you seeing as i will probably read some cheap rebuttal that you think clever.

        1. A Troubled Man profile image60
          A Troubled Manposted 5 years agoin reply to this

          We know that's entirely false. We know the reason church people do those things is gain converts, that they do indeed have expectations to receive, while the millionaire, or anyone else are not looking for converts or anything else when they donate money other than to help people.

      2. profile image0
        Deepes Mindposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        Pretty general statement there ATM.

  5. davidkaluge profile image39
    davidkalugeposted 5 years ago

    Does it mean that men created God and decided what the God will want or God created men and gave them different things that he wants?

    1. paradigmsearch profile image93
      paradigmsearchposted 5 years agoin reply to this


      And I right off for now.

  6. vector7 profile image61
    vector7posted 5 years ago

    Since I claim to know the living God and His love, and considering I've been sharpening my Sword a little, I'll give it a swing in case you are searching for diligent answers in life.

    Let's do a little fruit ninja, yes? First of all, believing in Jesus is no different than believing in God. (edit - any questions on "what about the ones who never heard of Jesus" can be answered but only if another thread is started with the question as the OP. At least I won't be dropping two cents otherwise)

    Jesus = God - Whether the world (wide road destruction/many) agree with the followers of the only perfect soul to walk this earth (narrow road life/few) doesn't change reality for them. It only changes their perception, and lets be honest, the majority is never, and I mean never.. right. The cause is power, and the corruptiveness of it. But that's for personal digging and easy to find.

    If you believe Jesus lived, and the accounts given by men concerning Him are true, then you can't deny He's God. At least not without calling Him a liar and then you might as well say He didn't exist.

    "Believing in Jesus" for salvation is "trusting in God almighty" to fix us. I dare a single person here to claim they don't need fixing. (Now watch the bold one's step up - I'd never waste my time on such people who claim they are above needing God.) Yes, it's important by the way to do good. Jesus (aka - God) covers this in the Bible, especially the New Testament. Reading the four Gospels clears up many people's questions on whether He wants us to be good, doesn't mean that being good "earns" your ticket... it means you're doing right by trying and trusting God to do what we can't... fix us.

    The reason Jesus is the only way is because He is God, who came to earth Himself. Now if you deny God Himself, then the other person you are following is umm? I'll give you a hint, most people think He's ugly, red, and has little horns. Yes, Satan... That's why Jesus states "...my sheep know my voice..." (that's a paraphrase) - Other "religions" aren't "religions" in the truth of the fact anyhow, because they aren't about God, which is the whole point of a religion.

    Yeah, they spout God this and Allah that etc etc... but in the end who are they relying on? The person that can't fix the problem in the first place - themselves and their own work.. their "religious" work.

    Now if that doesn't slap you in the face with a red flag, stop reading and do a little digging into logic.....

    For six thousand years men have spoke of God, wrote down what God done, been in situations where God showed Himself in ways and worked on behalf of those that serve Him (To accomplish what HE wants, would make sense for God to do what He wants right? Who better to use than your umm... servants? smile to save the people who "BELIEVE" He will "SAVE" them..

    If GOD saves us then guess what? GOD gets the glory.. If we "are good enough" by "EARNING" our way to being able to reside with God Himself then who are we giving credit? Ourselves.

    Jesus is God, read the book of Jude in a ESV Version Bible friend(Jude 1:5). If you believe the Bible at all that is, which if you dig for yourself I already know the correct conclusion.

    That is why "Faith" is how we are saved because it's saying God is not a liar and He will save us like He said He would. If we have no faith in God, then we "don't believe you God" and you make Him a liar in your heart. Thankfully we've all done that but He's patient.. VERY patient.

    One last note. Much of the problem is people "nowdays" consider their forefathers idiots whether they admit it to the public society or themsleves or not. ESPECIALLY with that ridiculous notion of EVO-POOF-TION which is their stupidity being revealed (stupidity - having the knowledge and not using it) because there is NO SUCH THING AS evolution... It's called ENGINEERING and they renamed it to take away the MasterMind.. (God)

    Any questions about my statement can be emailed to me, I probably won't post on this thread again. (Sorry all nay-sayers)  wink

    God's blessings brother