What does it mean for a person of the Islamic Faith to 'be saved'?

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  1. Misfit Chick profile image74
    Misfit Chickposted 6 years ago

    This is a brutally-honest question that is also probably a little inappropriate because it is being asked from a Western, Christian-emersed belief structure. But, that is what most Christians believe in: 'being saved' by Jesus Christ who died on a cross for sins, etc - so the question is kind of based on 'how we think'.

    What is it that Muslims believe 'gets them into Heaven', exactly? Who is 'God' to the believers of Islam?

    Yeah, we Westerners could do a search for information about Islamic beliefs; but it isn't as expressive or revealing as having someone who actually believes explain things to you about their personal experience. And of course, many Westerners find it almost impossible to see Muslims as fellow Humans with similar ideals.

    All most Westerners know is that Muslim men get to violate virgins when they arrive in heaven, ha! Surely there is more to the Islamic Faith than that? Because if that is the case, what do Muslim women get when they get to heaven? wink

    We are all going to try to assume that ISIS and other Muslims of their ilk are as erroneous and out-of-touch with their fellow Muslims as so many Christian fanatics can be with fellow believers of their own religion.

    So please enlighten us: just how different and similar are you, Muslim neighbors? smile

  2. colorfulone profile image82
    colorfuloneposted 6 years ago

    I get reports regularly from different Christian ministries in the Middle East and Africa.  There are hundreds and thousands of Muslims converting to Christianity regularly and leaving Islam.  Once they do, their lives are in danger by their own families and they have no other choice but the flee for their lives. They are being persecuted, beaten, tortured, beheaded, raped, and sold into slavery... 

    They are finding salvation in the midst of great persecution in war torn countries and some say that they are grateful for the war because they would never have found the Lord otherwise.  I marvel at their great faith by finding peace, joy and happiness in the middle of chaos and pending death by ISIS.

    There are volunteers there to protect them, but it is very dangerous for them too. 

    Matthew 5:12  says ..."Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you."  ... and they are doing that.  smile   

    The difference?  They are a strong witness to the world because of a total transformation because of Jesus Christ in their lives, under persecution. 

    Because of the miracle of salvation through Jesus Christ, the Muslims want to kill them for leaving the religion of peace.  No joke!  They hate the Truth. 

    Also, China is well on its way to becoming a Christian nation, and their faith is not being suppressed.  I know that is off topic, but it is worth mentioning because of the move of God sweeping a communist country.

    1. Misfit Chick profile image74
      Misfit Chickposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Wow, I suppose that is good news for Christians who feel such a need to convert people into the fundamental mish-mash of their religion.

      I was looking more for what Muslims actually believe, but this is a good example of how westerners view Muslims: they are people who need to be saved from their own erroneous faith; just like believers of the Buddhist and Hindu religions, etc - because Christian salvation is 'the right faith'.

      Just FYI, not all Christians believe that Muslims need to be converted: http://hubpages.com/religion-philosophy … Believe-In

      1. colorfulone profile image82
        colorfuloneposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        No, I don't believe for a second that all Muslims need to be converted to Christianity.  All will not, and that's just a fact.

        1. Misfit Chick profile image74
          Misfit Chickposted 6 years agoin reply to this

          No, but you are pretty sure that they should be... The fact that they won't is just a shame.

          This isn't an attack, at all. Your view is so realistic in the United States. Maybe you already think you know what Mulsims believe. But, aren't you curious what they have to say about it? Why do so many of them feel as passionate about their religion as Christians do about theirs?

          It's a good question. smile

  3. profile image0
    calculus-geometryposted 6 years ago

    You're more likely to get an answer on a site like http://www.islamicboard.com/

    1. Misfit Chick profile image74
      Misfit Chickposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I'm sure of that... I was hoping to bring the conversation more into the mainstream instead of it continuing to be tucked out of the way. colorfulone's response is pretty much the reason why I want to bring it out. That is not an insult at all; it's just that it was such a typical Western Christian response. Obviously, we need to be enlightened.

      In fact, here is a good way to put this question... As a Muslim, if you were going to attempt to convert a Christian (believe it or not, that has happened, too); what would you tell us? smile


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