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Tell me some controversial facts about pearl harbor

  1. soni2006 profile image79
    soni2006posted 8 years ago

    Tell me some controversial facts about pearl harbor

  2. dabeaner profile image56
    dabeanerposted 8 years ago

    Roosevelt instigated it and let it happen.  Just like the bosses of Bush-Cheney instigated and let 9-11 happen.  In both cases, it was about resources.

  3. H P Roychoudhury profile image49
    H P Roychoudhuryposted 8 years ago

    We have to draw our conclusion from the facts prevailing at the time of occurrence. It was a historical fact that expansion of states’ territory by force was recognized as the power of a nation. Japan became very powerful because of engineering skill in weaponry of Navy and Army. It occupied almost all the nearby regions. It even attacked a part of China. Such an expansion policy was not liked by a democratic country like United States. As soon as America condemned Japan’s attack over China and imposed oil embargo, the powerful Japan began to think of his sovereignty over the whole region. Japan realized very well that unless the naval strength of America is destroyed, Japan can not freely rule over the occupied territory. To fulfill the future strategy, Japan horridly and secretly designed the attack and did it in a shortest possible time and nothing else what the historical facts brought in front of us. But the new discovery of Atom Bomb has changed the over all situation and brought the collapse of Japan.

  4. john guilfoyle profile image59
    john guilfoyleposted 8 years ago

    roosevelt sacrificed the pacific fleet to draw an unwilling American republic into war....the japanese code had already been broken and it was known by a select few that war had been declared upon us....they failed to inform the pacific fleet...the australians warned roosevelt that the japanese fleet was headed towards Hawaii 3 days prior.. a british double agent desperately tried to warn D.C...as did others.
    roosevelt did nothing....there were 8 investigations regarding this catastrophe...
    let's have another 911 investigation and c what is revealed...then let's allow those who are truly responsible to continue to fulfill their self interests and remain obedient by following orders....
    all these facts are accessible to the public...sadly the public is myopic...and that is why the powers that b don't even have to utilize the most powerful tool of mankind...imagination....they just rely upon  their time tested repetitive methods...no wonder they look upon us with disdain...they fool us every time.
    don't u wish that for once their methods would come back to bite them in the ass?
    there is much more, but I weary by the thought...
    please remember that these power brokers don't create, they utilize...