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What is your view on what will happen for the Second Coming?

  1. Sp4rk1e profile image55
    Sp4rk1eposted 8 years ago

    What is your view on what will happen for the Second Coming?

    My daughter, who is 13, asked this question during our family home evening and I have to be honest I have limited info on this, purely because I think i've always shied away from it as it fears as well as excites me! Obviously i'm not 'ready' to meet the Saviour yet!! wink

  2. happylabtails profile image59
    happylabtailsposted 8 years ago

    What a great age and a very delicate one. I have had 8 kids and you will need to find a good Moody Bible Institute teaching based church to correctly educate her on this up coming event. None of us know when.
    But the bible teaches us how. Their is a fly away doctrine you should be aware of which really could make the difference of making the wrong choice in the end times. I am happy to see you are believers. Pray for wisdom and direction. I always tell the lord please scream louder if I don't hear you the first time.lol sometimes the info is there and we pass it by. Good luck and God Bless!

  3. topgunjager profile image60
    topgunjagerposted 8 years ago

    Nothing, if Jesus came back and claimed to be Jesus, he'd look like a crazy person, no one would believe he's who he claims to be=)

    1. LindaQ79 profile image61
      LindaQ79posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      When Jesus comes back all will believe. It will be a glorious day when Heaven becomes a place on Earth but we need to be prepared and work hard for that day to come!

  4. HOOWANTSTONO profile image60
    HOOWANTSTONOposted 8 years ago

    Here is a good starting point first for yourself to understand, and you could build up on the info.




    There are many more also

  5. peterxdunn profile image61
    peterxdunnposted 7 years ago

    People that believe in the second coming (when there probably wasn't even a first) should be rejoicing. The Israeli president is discussing military action against Iran with the Obama administration as I write this. Is this your  war (the Christian war - that will precede the second coming - against the sons of darkness) that you have all been waiting for? Are you giving praise to God that you will finally get to see millions of people killed (many of whom will be 13 year old girls - and somebody's daughter) for oil. I am not a prophet but I am prepared to make a prediction about the coming war. THE WEST IS GOING TO LOSE. Now go and read the Old Testament which states, time and time again, that when you die - YOU ARE DEAD - end of story.

  6. Blessitbe profile image60
    Blessitbeposted 7 years ago

    First I want to say that was a really good question your daughter asked.

    I believe we are living in the end of times, everything around us is showing us we are living in the end of times, and the trust be known, I don’t think anyone on this earth is ready for what’s coming.

    From all walks of life are all predicting the same from religions, and nations are predicting the end of times, the ancient Egypt believe this too, as well as the Mayans. They predict we have entered that time. According to the ancient scientist, there are many different nations and organization that have know this information for many years, and it’s time for the world to be transformed again. Did you know that in 2012 there will be three eclipses the first one will be the Eclipses of the Sun the second will be the Eclipse of Venus against the Sun and the Grand mother of all, will be the Third Eclipse, that will alien our SUN with the center of the galaxy.     

    Dec 21 2012, our Sun will be in the center of the Milky Way…

    Nostradamus says, There will be a solar eclipse more dark and gloomy than any since the creation of the world, and it will be such that one will think the gravity of the earth has lost its natural movement.

    Also they found a book that shows pictures that Nostradamus predicted when the things would take place, the picture has, three moons over a scorpion and over the scorpion is a wind image like the center of the earth. 

    The bible also has many verses stating, what will take place in those times, before the coming of the Lord. Go to my hub-pages if you would like to read it,

    The Day of the Lord is at Hand, & it’s under Matthew 24:1-33: Signs of the End of the ages: And this will be his second coming, and if he did not come back NO one would survive.

    It's time for all of us to re-think what we believe IN?

  7. Abecedarian profile image78
    Abecedarianposted 6 years ago

    The second coming? Really? It's called global warming. I attended a movie in the park last night and the only thing coming to this world is flooding due to global warming. Alaska has lost much of it's resources due to shorter lengths of cold weather. There is an entire area of shore line in Oregon that has no more life in it because of the warming of the water. Temperatures have killed off much of the marine life in that area.
    We have dug this hole and getting out of it will be difficult. America has fallen behind other countries when it comes to protecting our environment.