What is the difference, if any, between the Law and Justice?

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  1. My Esoteric profile image85
    My Esotericposted 11 years ago

    What is the difference, if any, between the Law and Justice?

  2. PR Morgan profile image61
    PR Morganposted 11 years ago

    Law is the rules we all should follow (as deemed by our lawmakers)...justice is a more objective thing.  Justice is different for all of us.  Sometimes people don't break the "law" but they receive justice of another kind...maybe karma explains it better.

  3. suncat profile image60
    suncatposted 11 years ago

    The justice is or can be the result of applying the law to a particular case where one or more parties have not being respectful to what deemed being acceptable by many, and what may have been quite harmful to others.
    The justice however can be a result of spontaneous actions of humans or nature as perceived by some or many that resulted in bringing some equilibrium between those who wronged others and the outcome they received.
    The law is implemented by the official individuals or parties and is accepted or can or may not be perceived as the action that brought justice to those under investigation as seen by some or by majority.

    In the ideal world law and justice are the two halves that are always together and follow each other.

  4. Kavita Martin profile image61
    Kavita Martinposted 11 years ago

    Law is set of rules, while justice is moral rightness based on ethics.

  5. profile image0
    wilbury4posted 11 years ago

    I'd agree with those saying that Law is a set of rules and regulations that we must abide by, where Justice (just meaning fair) is the fairness used to deal with matters.

  6. peterxdunn profile image61
    peterxdunnposted 11 years ago

    Firstly there are two kinds of law. There is common law: which applies to you and me as natural entities. This is sometimes called 'the law of the land'.

    Then there is Admiralty Law: sometimes called 'the law of the sea' (or maritime law) - as nonesensical as this sounds it is, nonethless, true.

    Maritime law is applied to a fictional 'you' that is created - by the issuance of a birth certificate and national indentity/insurance number - when a person is born. This process establishes you as a 'corporation': which constitutes a legal entity recognized by the law.

    Under maritime law all entities: governments, government departments, local authorites, banks (the list is endless) - are (established as) corporations.

    Secondly -  justice, on the other hand, is just a concept that means different the things to different people. Contrary to popular belief there is no legal definition for this word.

    Thirdly - personally - I think that we should all live by the concept of 'right and wrong' that we were all taught at our mother's knee.

  7. poorconservative1 profile image60
    poorconservative1posted 11 years ago

    If any, if any. Are you kidding me? Bill Clinton can lie to a Grand Jury and that's O.K. Charlie Rangle can cheat on his taxes and that's O.K. But if I drive down the street and forget to put on my seat belt I'll get a fine.

  8. Wesman Todd Shaw profile image85
    Wesman Todd Shawposted 11 years ago

    Laws are always based in business interests and disguised as things that benefit the population of the governed as being in their better interests; and so, justice is seldom found in law, but rather, profit is the product of law.

  9. cobrien profile image63
    cobrienposted 11 years ago

    Justice is supposed to be based on the law.

  10. arb profile image74
    arbposted 11 years ago

    Justice is prescibed by the heart of fairness. law is prescribed by the heart of man, who may or may not, subscribe to fairness.

  11. profile image0
    Fay Paxtonposted 11 years ago

    Laws are a set of rules and regulations meant to regulate the behavior of people.  Justice is the administration of punishment when the laws are broken.  They both are a bunch of crap and are interpreted at will.

  12. Cathyrin profile image46
    Cathyrinposted 11 years ago


    The essence of law is justice, though there are times that the law seems to be unjust.

    While justice doesn't imply that there must be a promulgation of a certain law.

    But we, as  human beings have already  a sense of justice, though our sense of justice could be subjective in nature(meaning we have different definitions of justice), and since we have variety of ways to show justice, the law takes it effect to give an objective sense of what justice really is.

    The law shows what justice is all about. Yet, justice is not all found in the law.

    Actually, I really agree with arb's definition and differentiation.

  13. rigaudglobetrotte profile image60
    rigaudglobetrotteposted 11 years ago

    Justice in his broader sense is a ''Idea'', a ''concept'' pertaining to Natural Law in which the rules are ''universal'' an ''immutable''. Laws are rules created or formulated by man. They ideally should be a reflection of Justice but everybody know that it is not always the case.. So, laws can be ''just'' or ''unjust'' and, in my opinion, it is at that point that the debate should be engaged..

  14. profile image0
    sasikrishnaposted 11 years ago

    Law is what to do and justice is what should do.

  15. shussain86 profile image60
    shussain86posted 11 years ago

    Law is a set of rules and justice is the best "implementation" of those rules!

  16. raki leola profile image56
    raki leolaposted 11 years ago

    Law are the set of rules that when broken must be given justice...

  17. dablufox profile image58
    dablufoxposted 11 years ago

    Law is a convenient manipulation of people's liberties by those in power, justice is the eventual truth which can happen either during our life or at the end of it.

    Even a lawyer will tell you that Law has nothing to do with justice.

  18. Jarn profile image60
    Jarnposted 11 years ago

    Law is artificial, an overly-complex series of imposed rules that does a piss poor job of aping justice, the concepts of which are inherent in each of us from the start.


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