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What is the bigger injustice, that a guilty man goes free or an innocent man be

  1. PR Morgan profile image60
    PR Morganposted 6 years ago

    What is the bigger injustice, that a guilty man goes free or an innocent man be jailed?


  2. profile image0
    Husky1970posted 6 years ago

    There can't be anything worse than an innocent man jailed.

  3. danthehandyman profile image75
    danthehandymanposted 6 years ago

    Jailing the innocent is worse. That's why our standard of guilt is beyond a reasonable doubt. It's a travesty of justice in either case. In an imperfect world, mistakes happen. That's the only reason I don't believe in the death penalty. Hard to take that back if you find out it was a mistake.
    Seems to me that villians and criminals tend to repeat their way of life. The one-time criminal, I believe, is a myth. So if we miss jailing them today, we very likely will jail them tommorrow. I know that sounds uncaring for the 2nd victim, but I know of no reasonable alternative in a free society.

  4. profile image0
    mikeq107posted 6 years ago

    Well history had one classic example of that that in Rome when Jesus an innocent man was Hung and a guilty man was set free by pilot in his stead...

    This is a tough question and sure glad you asked it...I am racking my brain on this one...

    On one hand the Guilty man; let us say it was our old pal “Sadam insane”... that would be a major injustice as possibly many more innocent people would lose their lifes or freedom.

    Then you had “Nelson Mandela” who was an innocent man jailed for 25 years (correct me if I`m wrong), but as a result of his sacrifice his country men were set free

    Ok, based on the above two examples, I would say the guilty man..

    Ok who`s next; 0)

    Great question!

    Mike :0)

  5. nifty@50 profile image75
    nifty@50posted 6 years ago

    Not even close, an innocent man being falsely jailed is the bigger injustice, that is why guilt must be proven and not innocence.

  6. arb profile image81
    arbposted 6 years ago

    Measured strictly by the scales of justice the two are equal (law of logic finds them wholly equal ). Our emotional human nature will find a greater wrong in jailing the innocent. Such a question begs the want of a final judgement where injustices are made right. In this life we can only hope that the guilty meet justice somewhere down the road, but how do you give someone back half their life?

  7. theseus profile image80
    theseusposted 6 years ago

    Definitely putting an innocent man behind bars  is the bigger injustice.  Our justice system is a correctional one where every convict is given a chance to change for the better.So if an innocent man is jailed instead, that would counter the true spirit of the law.

  8. Gypsy48 profile image72
    Gypsy48posted 6 years ago

    An innocent man being jailed is the greater injustice. Having your freedom and life taken away is a crime.

  9. yazoogal43 profile image37
    yazoogal43posted 6 years ago

    That an innocent man be jailed naturally the man jailed went for a reason or a reasonable doubt but what about the innocent jailed man he is exposed to atrocities and believe me our Creator knows thi s so a good question would be who will be punished most in the end the free criminal or the innocent jailed man because God is aware of the saying', no good deed goes unpunished' and knows exactly how to give retribution.

  10. duffsmom profile image61
    duffsmomposted 6 years ago

    The innocent man being jailed is the bigger injustice in my mind.

  11. zzron profile image57
    zzronposted 6 years ago


    I agree with nifty@50 and also what is just as bad is that the guilty man is free to do another crime.

  12. mcrawford76 profile image83
    mcrawford76posted 6 years ago

    I would have to agree with the majority that jailing an innocent person is a far worse injustice. Especially considering that most criminals are repeat offenders so it is likely that they would be caught eventually.

  13. Kamalesh050 profile image81
    Kamalesh050posted 6 years ago

    An innocent man being jailed is undoubtedly the bigger injustice.

  14. ajuvr profile image66
    ajuvrposted 6 years ago

    from justice point of view guilty going free is bigger injustice.
    humanity on contrary must consider the Innocent's  imprisonment to be bigger injustice.
    and humanity unquestionably stands taller.

  15. boyatdelhi profile image84
    boyatdelhiposted 6 years ago

    An innocent man get jailed is the biggest injustice than a guilty man goes free.

  16. Chouji-Von-Lycan profile image58
    Chouji-Von-Lycanposted 6 years ago

    definitely the innocent man being jailed, a guilty man will continue being guilty, and will get caught for doing something else

  17. Paul Berod profile image67
    Paul Berodposted 6 years ago

    For me, the bigger injustice it's an innocent man be jailed.

  18. nightwork4 profile image59
    nightwork4posted 6 years ago

    an innocent man is usually the bigger injustice but there is a few exceptions. is that man innocent of just the said crime but a criminal none the less? did the guilty guy who went free get out and commit much worse acts like murder and rape? it all depends on the situation.

  19. Jangaplanet profile image80
    Jangaplanetposted 6 years ago

    Great question!
    In a perfect world, this debate would not happen. The guilty would be punished, the innocent would walk free. But our world is not perfect. I hate to see the guilty walk free, but the thought of an innocent going to jail scares and appalls me even more. The burden of proof to lock someone away must be substantial. If a genuinely guilty person walks free, and doesn't take steps to change their behaviour, the chances are they will get caught again. True, other people may be harmed in the process if they re-offend, but if an innocent person goes to jail, well usually there is no way back.Terrible choices to have to make. There is injustice on both sides. Guilty people free who should not be, and innocent people in jail. The only solution is for the judicial system to be as rigorous as possible, and not to try to shift the balance one way or the other or mess with the system which is about as good and as fair as it can be. This is only my personal opinion.

  20. Angel McGee profile image61
    Angel McGeeposted 6 years ago

    Innocent man being jailed should be the obvious answer. If he is innocent of whatever crime he was convicted then he should not be in prison.

  21. profile image0
    AMBASSADOR BUTLERposted 6 years ago

    Absolutely an innocent man be jailed. We can all relate to the guilty man goes free because we are all guilty before GOD and GOD have set us free through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

  22. heleineoman profile image60
    heleineomanposted 5 years ago

    Sending an innocent man in prison? putting him in a death row? Before he could even receive a death penalty, the court has already killed him. This is the bigger injustice.