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How can Christians believe God is good if he creates a world where there is free

  1. Julie Cole profile image58
    Julie Coleposted 6 years ago

    How can Christians believe God is good if he creates a world where there is free will and...

    everyone happens to choose wrongly, causing misery and pain to everyone in the world?  I'm not assuming Christians are better or worse than everyone, I'm just trying to understand the basis for the belief.

  2. Terishere profile image60
    Terishereposted 6 years ago

    Hi Julie,

    The best way I can put it, is that God gives us freewill because he loves us, just as parents love their children.

    We love our children, we set guidelines and rules for them to live by, but it is ultimately their choice if they follow those guidelines or not.

    Because of freewill, God will not micro manage our lives. If he did that, freewill would be to none effect.

    We are all responsible for our choice and actions.

    Giving freewill to us is very loving and respectful action by God. If you've ever been with someone who is controlling or had controlling parents, you know how that feels and how little respect is given to you.

  3. Taleb80 profile image82
    Taleb80posted 6 years ago

    I agree with Terishere's opinion totally & adding:

    Although we have freewill in this life, God informed us to be prepared for the day of judgement, that day every one will take his rights from whom has brought the pain to him/her in this life.

    Note: I find that I should tell that I am a Muslim, as you asking Christians, but anyway I believe that Jesus was God's Messenger.

  4. lone77star profile image84
    lone77starposted 6 years ago

    "Everyone?" I think some choose wisely sometimes. Do you never choose wisely?

    Here's my take on it:

    The physical us (Homo sapiens) means nothing (only a means to an end). Ego (the heart of selfishness) is the root of all evil, and "master" of this world.

    What's left? The sleeping (usually ignored) immortal, true self, created in His image.

    God wants his children back and they are not Homo sapiens. The spiritual soporific is of our own creation and only we can decide to stop doing it. For this, free will is vital. Only we hold the reins of our own creation. When we can let go of ego, then we can awaken spiritually. Such is an act of profound heroism.

  5. Naomi's Banner profile image79
    Naomi's Bannerposted 6 years ago

    The way I understand it Julie, is God created human beings to have reciprical love and companionship.  In order for us to show that we truly love someone is by choosing to love them and to please them.  If we all loved God just because we had to it wouldn't be true love.
    Unfortunately there are those who choose to follow the god of this world rather than God ( Jehovah ) and choose ill will and evil which makes it rough for the rest of us living here on earth.
    God has a plan and the plan is Jesus to bring salvation to us all and soon he will abolish the evil and sin on this earth where no longer will satan have the opportunity to create the evil, misery and pain that goes on.
    He has tarried only to give opportunity for the people to get it right.  He doesn't wish to lose anyone to satan.  He loves us all.

  6. mdiggs1234 profile image76
    mdiggs1234posted 6 years ago

    I am a Christian and I don't can't speak for all Christians on answering this question.   God is good no matter what.. He has indeed created the world and given us all the gift of free will.    The world God created has been polluted by evil people on earth.   It's human nature to make your own choice, some want to do evil, some try to do good.  In theory, if we all listened to God and lived as the bible calls us to, our world would be perfect.    This is not the case, not because of God.    If you had to pay someone to stay with you and love you, would you?     Or would you rather have someone who really loved you no matter what and did things for you because they really loved you!    I think you want the person who truly loved you and wanted to be with you.   God has given us "free will" so that we chose "him" on our own...Because of the way we as humans have made our world, this is why God has to come back!   This is not what he planned for our world.  God also does help, protect and heal people with everything going on in our world.   Hope this helps you....