Why do you feel we have become so materialistic?

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  1. Nspeel profile image72
    Nspeelposted 8 years ago

    Why do you feel we have become so materialistic?

  2. spease profile image77
    speaseposted 8 years ago

    Society has changed to the belief that it's all about me.  It used to be that people were concerned about other people, not so much anymore.

  3. profile image32
    saisarannagaposted 8 years ago

    Nowadays, every one ask the same question "What is the benefit to me". This question is asked by children, adults, young and old man alike. This clearly shows that "selfishness' has enslaved us to the core. None asks, "What is the benefit to the society by my action? But Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela asked the question. That is why they are venerated by all and they occupy high positions in the history of great people. They never cared for themselves or their families. They were jailed  except Lincoln but all are tormented by many ways by the authorities and society. But they never gave up their struggle for the people. They risked their life for the sake of society. It is Ego and selfishness which drive the present age people to clamor for themselves more and more!

  4. whoisbid profile image64
    whoisbidposted 8 years ago

    Materialism exists because there is a race for people to be more superior than others (keeping up the the Jones)  and one of the ways that people can prove that they are "worth" more is by having more money and assets. This is how many get their self esteem. There is no other way to assess a person in the world except by putting a monetary figure to their face. This is the way that the world works and even some who teach against this are making money selling spiritual type books and making profit from it because no-one will buy a book or read a book written by a poor man who is content with what he has. Many of the authors of "contentment teaching" are stinking rich and some get their PhD to put a double seal on their anointing.
    Of course if people look for the truly spiritual element they might see that this is a very shallow way to appraise human beings but unfortunately most people don't understand what money actually is. Money is not a dollar note and it goes far deeper than that.

  5. archana srivastav profile image53
    archana srivastavposted 8 years ago

    Because we are living in a physical world, where every facility is available. Now we donot want to work hard, but want every facility.

  6. edhan profile image45
    edhanposted 8 years ago

    It is all dependable on what you are being exposed to. Many people tend to be influence by what others have.

    But if you are down to earth and learn to accept what you have been given then it will be much better for you. I have seen many people have suffered of being so materialistic. They have to sacrifice in order to achievement the result.

    Anyway, I always believe in knowing what you have of being healthy and living is a blessing in disguise.

  7. Jackie Lynnley profile image90
    Jackie Lynnleyposted 8 years ago

    Kids more and more are brought up expecting everything they want. They get it too, one way or another! It is the same with the parents and parents can put less responsibility into relationships with kids if they just buy them what they want.

  8. Attikos profile image73
    Attikosposted 8 years ago

    Science is the faith of materialism, and materialism is the inevitable values set of the age of science. It stems from our time in history, not from any unique failing of people today. This too shall pass, but not without a great deal of turmoil, destruction and death, the beginnings of which we are living now.

  9. powerofknowledge1 profile image60
    powerofknowledge1posted 8 years ago

    Time has changed now days we have everything at our door step. We are so much busy these days that we don't have time for our friends, family not even for our parents. We are in a race. All of us need to earn more and more money so that we can make our own life more lavish. We don't have time to think about others. Things like:

    1. Televison
    2. Mobile Phones
    3. Internet

    we are more and more depended on all these things. We cannot even imagine some one life with all these three things. These three things are basic needs of our life today world.
    In the age of Science and Technology we have Social Networking sites through which we can talk to our friends and relatives from anywhere of the world so we don't to go and meet them personally.

    These are things which in my opinion makes us more and more materialistic.

  10. Rob Jundt profile image84
    Rob Jundtposted 8 years ago

    I may be off base here but I think one of the main reasons materialism is so prevalent today is the level of busyness many people maintain. For example, I know a few people (families in particular) who will remain nameless, who feel their lives are incomplete without every minute of every day of every hour, etc. being scheduled. All that being said, by keeping busy with various activities, there is a decreasing amount of time as a family unit simply being... well, a family unit. So, where am I going? In short, since many people are now intentionally increasingly busy, their level of satisfaction with time is being lowered, which also tends to lower satisfaction with possessions. It makes sense to me. If we are constantly being stimulated with a variety of activities, then it takes more and more of these activities to satisfy us. Busyness, in a sense, is desensitizing us to possessions. Many people are now so used to a quick and instantly gratifying world there is simply no time to enjoy less. As I said, maybe I'm off base. But this is a trend I have been noticing more and more.

  11. terrektwo profile image82
    terrektwoposted 8 years ago

    Everything is a commercial down to the tags on our underwear, the caller ID screens on our phones, the millions of ads on the webpages we visit it reminds me of the song from the Matthew Good Band called, "Advertisements On Police Cars."

  12. ii3rittles profile image80
    ii3rittlesposted 8 years ago

    The US has made us that way. They make us want things we don't need. I can't tell you how many times I bought things I wanted but never needed. I wasted a lot of money. I am trying to break away from those demons... But I still find myself saying "I want this!... I want that!".

  13. Darrell Roberts profile image72
    Darrell Robertsposted 8 years ago

    I am trying to figure out how to answer this question without being preachy or a pian.  Here goes:

    Human society has decided to abandon nature and try to conquer nature. all our needs are provided in nature, but it is not good enough.  Human beings have lust and greed that is promoted in the society.  Human beings in this time are not satisfied with the miracle of life, so they try to buy things to find happiness.  What they actually buy is gratification of external sneses.

    The happier a person is the less they would need, the less they would purchase and the less they would contribute to materialism.

    I hope this helps.

    Best wishes

  14. bright_sorcerer profile image62
    bright_sorcererposted 8 years ago

    Because that is how this reality was designed from inception. We would forget our true divinity as literal gods, and descend to a realm of form where it would take enormous effort for us to remember that we are a spark of the Divine. The materialism is the result of TV commercials and propaganda, that are used to divert the attention of the general public. The elite have woven a romantic picture of how organized or complete your life will be, once you have a specific item, an item that often changes with the seasons or the times.

    Essentially, we are being diverted by materialism, as a direct result of the brainwashing we have received over numerous years.


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