If the world was going to end in 2013, what would you spend your last year doing

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  1. jbrock2041 profile image69
    jbrock2041posted 10 years ago

    If the world was going to end in 2013, what would you spend your last year doing?

  2. Kurant82 profile image61
    Kurant82posted 10 years ago

    writing my own new bible, that way when the world did start up again I could be worshipped like Jesus by this worlds future inhabitants. It would be called The King Brett Version of The Bible and would include the New New Testament written by brother Brett. :]

  3. stayingalivemoma profile image83
    stayingalivemomaposted 10 years ago

    I would rob a bank and give all the money to poor people (myself included) so that they could not what it feels like to not be broke before they die

  4. MG Singh profile image55
    MG Singhposted 10 years ago

    This is a hypothetical question., but all the same deserves an answer.  I would spend the last year travelling all over the world and telling people  about the Gita, the song divine of the Lord Krishna.
    I would bring the fact that the soul is immortal and does not die away and will appear again in another  body in another galaxy. so have no fear of the inevitable and trust in God and the Lord Krishna for life and death are but a milestone on the path to mukti( salvation).
    The message of the Gita was told to Arjuna the Pandva prince before the onset of the battle of Kurukshetra. The lord  touched all aspects of life and death and said the main aim of the human soul is to be one with the Lord himself

  5. Dave Mathews profile image59
    Dave Mathewsposted 10 years ago

    You have gotten a little ahead of yourself we are only in the year 2011 right now.

  6. nicregi profile image66
    nicregiposted 10 years ago

    Would be definitely enjoy every moment with family and friends. Doing things I have not done before.

  7. profile image0
    mickelarrposted 10 years ago

    Running up my credit card, flying all around the world, seeing and doing all the things I thought I'd experience "someday". 

    Then, on the last day, I'd find a peaceful spot, pray and meditate, wait for it all to end and look forward to the afterlife.

  8. wanzulfikri profile image60
    wanzulfikriposted 10 years ago

    I will ask for god's forgiveness and hope that he'll accept it. Oh, what will happen if He doesn't accept my forgiveness.

  9. anemometers profile image59
    anemometersposted 10 years ago

    I would continue doing what I am doing right now

  10. Mercredi profile image62
    Mercrediposted 10 years ago

    Sex, drugs, and alcohol. Then I'd build a time machine and go back and live in the 1960s.

  11. profile image0
    ChuckGposted 10 years ago

    Try all the foods I've wanted to eat, since I would not be concerned about diet for life longevity. I would spend a lot of time outdoors. Play sports. Live large. Is there another way to go out if you "know" it's time to go?

  12. jbrock2041 profile image69
    jbrock2041posted 10 years ago

    I said 2013 because 2011 is almost over, so if you had a whole year before the world was coming to an end, it would have to be 2013.

  13. profile image35
    LORD ENKIposted 10 years ago

    Living at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada.However it's going to end in 2012 not 2013.


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