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Does faith really changes a person?

  1. ananceleste profile image75
    anancelesteposted 6 years ago

    Does faith really changes a person?

    Is it posible that a life can be transformed by faith?


  2. Bible Studies profile image71
    Bible Studiesposted 6 years ago

    Definitely yes. It changed me. Without faith, I wouldn't be where I am today. My husband is alive because of his mothers prayers as a boy. Today, I have a loving husband, wonderful kids, and live in a house we own. Faith has pulled me out of the proverbial rock and hard place. Faith in Jesus has transformed me and many in my church.

  3. rLcasaLme profile image73
    rLcasaLmeposted 6 years ago

    Sure does. Faith in God is different from just mere believing. If I have not been given faith, I'd still be an atheist.
    Atheists, by the way, are not bad people. They just lack the faith and belief.
    Repentance is a product of genuine saving faith, and to repent is something an atheist could not do.
    If faith does change someone, it is the fear of God, it is the transformation of the heart to become contrite.
    God Bless You.

    1. manatita44 profile image82
      manatita44posted 5 years agoin reply to this


      Very very sweet answer. If you can, substitute the word 'fear' for 'love'. No matter if you can't. keep on keeping on.

  4. RAcquel Fontenot profile image60
    RAcquel Fontenotposted 6 years ago

    Yes,Faith in God has change my life.I was addicted to drugs,drinking and other things that God has broke off of me.Now I follow God with every bit of my life and life could not be any better.

    1. manatita44 profile image82
      manatita44posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I am extremely extremely happy for you. Remain alert.

  5. khanlikesu profile image58
    khanlikesuposted 6 years ago

    yes of course...it can but the faith should be strong....

  6. RJ68 profile image60
    RJ68posted 6 years ago

    Faith is so real to me its as if I can reach out and touch it.  I believe in my whole heart that Jesus was the Son of the living God and knowing that he is the Author and Finisher of my Faith in God.  I hold on to faith when there is nothing else and I know that its real in my heart and soul. 
    Faith isn't illogical.  People believe on all sorts of things and have faith in things they shouldn't.  however, I chose to have faith in God power, authority, wisdom, grace, mercy and love. 

    "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" Hebrews 11:1

  7. lone77star profile image82
    lone77starposted 6 years ago


    For me, faith is the perfecting of self with relation to God. It is a burning away of the false self of this world through humility, love and responsibility, and allowing the true, spiritual self to awaken fully.

    Faith is the perfection of confidence so that there is not one spot of doubt. With the blessings of the Father, all things are possible through faith--yes, even walking on water and far greater things, just as Jesus said. I have seen these things and rejoice in them, for they are the works of the Heavenly Father through His servant, and nothing is possible without Him.

    1. manatita44 profile image82
      manatita44posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Amen, lone star.

  8. manatita44 profile image82
    manatita44posted 5 years ago

    Yes. Certainly yes.
    Whether it's your faith in Jesus or God or man or woman. Of course you are possibly talking of spiritual faith.
    Faith is an unshakeable belief in things unseen or Something Higher. A strong faith will lead us to our death if we find it necessary, as Jesus did, or to make supreme sacrifices.
    The act of being born of the Spirit can lead to dramatic changes in one's lifestyle. This is very obvious in the book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. If you wish, I can send you chapter two of my book which demonstrates this. It is called Spiritual Transitioning. Much love.